Penny Rug

Penny Rug

pennyrugThis cute little rug is adapted from a vintage technique that started in the 1800’s, where scraps of wool from blankets or clothing were cut out using a penny or circular template (hence the name). These round sections were then stitched with the blanket stitch, often with a penny in the middle to keep the fabric flat.  This decorative piece can be used as a small table or dresser matte. It is made from simple ingredients, and easy embroidery stitches.


Class Fee: $15.00/2 hour class

*Please note that this class does not include any of the materials, supplies or tools; these must be provided by the student.

Class Requirements: hand sewing and embroidery skills are a must

Date and time: This class is not currently on the schedule.


This class fee is paid directly to Christen. This can be paid by a PayPal invoice, or by cash or check the day of class. Please email to inquire about the availability of space for the date listed above.

Happy Stitching ~Christen

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