Ribbonwork Gardens by Christen Brown

ribbonwork flowers and leavesI am so excited to share my first book Ribbonwork Gardens, by C&T Publishing!

There are 122 realistic flowers, leaves and garden extras included in the book, with experience levels from easy to advanced. The flowers are showcased in six different garden settings, offering you an array of small, medium and large flowers, each paired with a leaf to create a perfect combination.

I have included photographed step-by-step instructions (which I took), for each of the 122 examples. I have included a comprehensive cutting chart and have listed the types of ribbon that are suitable for each flower/leaf combination and included little extras such as French knots or beads.

There are over 14 basic techniques, some traditional and some that I have created especially for this book. There is a complete compendium with ribbon styles, selection and care, and troubleshooting tips with several gallery pages and examples sprinkled throughout the book for inspiration. The book is a soft cover, and will easily fit on your workspace while you learn and create.

I dedicated this book to my students, and I hope that you become one.

Happy Stitching! ~Christen

9 thoughts on “Ribbonwork Gardens by Christen Brown

  1. IF I take Ribbonwork Gardens a=in Houston, do we get the book, or should I just go ahead and buy it?

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