Day 1 of the Crazy Lady’s Guide to Piecing

Here are some examples from the first day of Crazy Lady’s Guide to Piecing class that I am currently teaching from Joggles.

crazy piecingIn class I discussed choosing colors, and working with color schemes. This is an example of a monochromatic color scheme. I chose purples because, how could you go wrong?

crazy piecingHere a an example of a choosing two colors, and working with light, medium and dark fabrics within those tow colors.

crazy piecingThis is an example of 12 colors, using a print as your anchor fabric.

This lesson focused on using a triangle as the center, and working out form there. I gave the students many examples on how to get yourself out of those OH-OH moments, plus what to do with left-overs by making Prairie Points and Yo-Yo’s.

If you are interested in taking a class, please check out Joggles. Happy Stitching,


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