Magic Web part 1

This is a sample of Magic Web at Joggles:

Lesson 1: making a “magic web” from bits of precious scraps, decorative yarns and metallic threads. The techniques include working with metallic threads (always a challenge), scraps of fabric, ribbon and yarn, and Solvy a water soluble stabilizer.

solvy fused fabric, lace and yarn

The students could choose from 3 different techniques to make their heart shape base:

1.     Solvy Lace: scraps of fabric and yarn turned into a lace.

2.     Solvy Fabric: scraps of fabric melded together.

3.     Solvy Lace with Fabric Back: scraps of fabric melded together on top of a background fabric.

I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! I will post my finished results next week.

Enjoy, Christen

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