Tea on Tuesday, Back from MIA….

tea on tuesday

Tea today is coffee, strong, hot with a good taste!

Last year I signed a contract to lecture and teach at the Fresno Fiber Arts Guild in the middle of February this year. It always takes a few days to prepare the lecture, pulling the garments and accessories etc; then getting prepared for the class.

The lecture went well, and I was pleased with the turnout. I hadn’t lectured in several years, and was a little nervous, it is one thing working on the garments and totally another explaining them to a room full of people.

The class was wonderful too, and I do really enjoy working with people one-on-one in the classroom.

So back at home, another few days to put all of the garments and accessories away. Then back to business getting prepared for new classes, working with my current classes and settling back in to home-life.

I’ve also been busy driving up and taking care of mom who sprained her wrist. At 84 everything is difficult, but trying to do it one-handed has been a challenge for us both.

We also have Gwen and our (grandson) grandcat staying with us for a few weeks while she is working out room-mate issues. Her little guy is a 1-1/2 year old beautiful black and white long haired kitty. Our two cats and he are in the beginning stages of working out dominance, so for those of you who have cats will know what that entails……


Life is full, life is grand, give yourself a moment to laugh out loud…

I have missed you all, and will try and get myself updated with your news and views! Please visit Kimmie and the rest of the group for tea.


8 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday, Back from MIA….

  1. Now you.
    I have a picture to show you.

    It is of the Biggest Laugh I Have Ever Done.

    SOmeone took a picture mid head throw.

    It makes me so happy that I am using it in my art.
    I will post that picture on my blog and write:
    In fact,
    I am going to edit my tea post right now.
    Then you go look.

  2. Did I miss something? Do you have a grandson and a grandcat? Or just a grandcat? I can relate to roomate issues – although that was years ago (thankfully) and so lucky for Gwen that you are nearby. We never stop needing each other ….. Even our mom’s need us ….. I do hope your mom’s wrist heals soon … Those kind of injuries can seem to take forever the older we get!

    Happy tea day …. I know you are really so very busy …. And it was nice to chat 🙂

  3. Hi Christen 🙂
    I’m owned by two very particular felines so I can only imagine the hissing and attitude that’s going on with your grandcat visiting, lol…Cats, coffee, tea, it’s all good though, isn’t it?

  4. I have two cats and can imagine the chaos if I brought a visitor into the house… the outcome would not look good!! This is my first tea on Tuesday so thank you for inviting me in!!

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