Tea on Tuesday, Pomegranate white tea

vintage tea cupOver the weekend we ventured down to Cost Plus World Market where I picked up some new teas (for me). After all, you do learn alot about tea here, and I have been inspired by you adventurous ladies…

Today we are sipping on the Pomegranate white tea, which smells divine. I love the box too, which after I broke the seal at the top, I noticed the perforated opening at the bottom which can easily dispense your package! This tea has little bits in it that look like cloves and pieces of flower. This tea is very reasonably priced at $5.00 for 15 bags. Very yummy with my raspberry bar and apricots.

bookI am looking through and reading this marvelous book today. Just a quick read, but so creative that it will last for the week.

Caretakers of Wonder” was written by Cooper Edens, for Green Tiger Press. They were located in San Diego, and the books that they published were so creative. I provided a link to Amazon, which also lists a few of his other books at the bottom of the page.

bookSo many of the illustrations are drawn with sewing tools, or accessories that you know of course I would like it! Lots of buttons, pins and color!

Well enjoy your day, stop by the group on Kimmie’s sidebar, always something new and wonderous to see!

7 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday, Pomegranate white tea

  1. I like World Market, but the closet one in the D.C. suburbs and I don’t get down there much. Pomegrante white tea sounds delish!
    I love the illustration in your book. I’m going to have to track him down.
    Have a good day.

  2. I love wandering the aisles at Cost Plus! They don’t carry Lifeboat Tea anymore though!!! I guess it’s a little bit like Trader Joe’s and some things just come and go. Your tea looks (and sounds) great though! Cute book and illustrations …. it sort of goes with my post today too 🙂

    Blessings on your day!

  3. Everything must taste better in and on such lovely china Christen…yummm

    I wonder if CostPlus is like World Market…that is what we have here in VA

    what a sweet looking book…you had me at the title

    Happy T to you dear one!

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