Tea on Tuesday, 1111

coffee cupTea today is a cup of Joe. Whenever I here or say the word Joe, I think of the Jimi Hendrix song, Hey Joe, and that beginning riff, dun, dun, dun (or something like that). It is kind of heavy man, for so early in the morning so I’ll just stop there.

Today we are at the computer, do you like my hi-tec computer stand? We bought some new furniture over the holidays, and it came in the mail, so the weekend was spent re-arranging an already very full house. Whew!

Anyways to keep up with those lofty goals for the new year, I worked on two groups of jewelry that just needed to be strung.

shabby chic jewelsThe first piece started with these funky plastic Buddha buttons by La Mode. I made the bracelet for an example for one of my classes that I teach. I had an old celluloid necklace that I broke up (those are the cream colored beads) and a few left over beads from other projects that I used for the strung necklace and bracelet. the earrings sport the remaining buttons and two scarabs that Gwen had purchased at the Victoria and Albert Museum when she was on a trip in school many years ago. So now these treasures all have a home.

shabby chic jewelryThis set started with the gold lace mesh bracelet that I had been given one year for my B-day. I never had anything to where it with. Over the holidays we went to one of my favorite bead stores and I spent a few minutes (or more) looking through their selection of vintage beads. The necklace started with the mottled peach beads which came from an old necklace, a few other beads from my stash and the rest I found at the bead store. The stretchy bling bling bracelet and the heart shaped beads (which still have no other purpose than to look beautiful) were from a friend.

I hope that your day is glorious, that you enjoy every minute of it, and while you are perusing the internet, please stop by Kimmie’s side bar and visit the rest of the group!

Happy happy day, Christen


8 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday, 1111

  1. Oh it is 1 11 11 …. And it’s almost 11 am too! How fun 🙂

    I just love your projects – strung or unstrung doesn’t matter to me! Lovely little treasures all of them!

    I’ve never heard of the song you mention …. But jimmi is a bit heavy for this time of day (lol) …. Love the astronomy book too 🙂

  2. Such gorgeousness…fabulous eye candy dear Christen!

    For upcoming Chinese New Year it’s going to be the Year of the Rabbit…your cup made me think of that 🙂

    Thanks for the Jimi H earworm!!!
    Always fun stopping by for tea

  3. These are gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. I only wish I wore jewelry when I see beauties like these. And I like your computer stand. It does the trick!

    Thanks for your sweet comments about my plight yesterday. I appreciate them. And, like you, I’m drinking coffee since it’s Wednesday.

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