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Tea on Tuesday, Tangerine Zinger

tangerine zinger teaWelcome to tea, I hope that you are all enjoying a cup of your own brew of choice! Today it is Tangerine Zinger by Celestial Seasonings, with a very decadent (albeit tiny) dollop of honey and a slice of lemon. I hope that you can see what a lovely shade of rosy cranberry this tea is, and it tastes heavenly.

My miss-matched or new found friends (which ever you like)  tea cup and saucer are Royal Kent and Johnson Brothers Old Staffordshire.

Many of you asked last week if Cost Plus World Market was the same as World Market, and it is. I have been shopping at Cost Plus since I was first married, then the name changed to World Market, and I didn’t change the name in my brain. But I wanted to let you know that they have a website and you can order tea there, for those of you who do not have a store close by.

Name changes get me every time, it is sort of like when a friend gets remarried or like some friends change their address or phone number so many times that you have to write their name and information in pencil in your address book. I guess that I am a quick learner, but slow changer if that makes sense.

ribbonwork flowersHere are a couple of flowers that I have been working on. The large satin ribbon is a Gazania and the silk habotai ribbon is a Narcissus. I thought they looked nice on the sheet music that I used for my tea cup.

vintage buttonThen I wanted to share one of my favorite buttons. This button came from the 1939 World’s Fair, and I think that it is so cool, and strangely modern for the time period.

Another strangely modern item is a movie that we watched last week, Lost Horizons made in 1937, based on the novel by James Hilton, directed by Frank Capra. It was a restored version, and really intriguing. Very anti war with hope for a better future in Shangri-la.

Sign me up!

Well I hope that you enjoyed a cup with me, blending old with new, please join Kimmie and the rest of the gang!

Enjoy, Christen

Tea on Tuesday, Pomegranate white tea

vintage tea cupOver the weekend we ventured down to Cost Plus World Market where I picked up some new teas (for me). After all, you do learn alot about tea here, and I have been inspired by you adventurous ladies…

Today we are sipping on the Pomegranate white tea, which smells divine. I love the box too, which after I broke the seal at the top, I noticed the perforated opening at the bottom which can easily dispense your package! This tea has little bits in it that look like cloves and pieces of flower. This tea is very reasonably priced at $5.00 for 15 bags. Very yummy with my raspberry bar and apricots.

bookI am looking through and reading this marvelous book today. Just a quick read, but so creative that it will last for the week.

Caretakers of Wonder” was written by Cooper Edens, for Green Tiger Press. They were located in San Diego, and the books that they published were so creative. I provided a link to Amazon, which also lists a few of his other books at the bottom of the page.

bookSo many of the illustrations are drawn with sewing tools, or accessories that you know of course I would like it! Lots of buttons, pins and color!

Well enjoy your day, stop by the group on Kimmie’s sidebar, always something new and wonderous to see!

Tea on Tuesday, 1111

coffee cupTea today is a cup of Joe. Whenever I here or say the word Joe, I think of the Jimi Hendrix song, Hey Joe, and that beginning riff, dun, dun, dun (or something like that). It is kind of heavy man, for so early in the morning so I’ll just stop there.

Today we are at the computer, do you like my hi-tec computer stand? We bought some new furniture over the holidays, and it came in the mail, so the weekend was spent re-arranging an already very full house. Whew!

Anyways to keep up with those lofty goals for the new year, I worked on two groups of jewelry that just needed to be strung.

shabby chic jewelsThe first piece started with these funky plastic Buddha buttons by La Mode. I made the bracelet for an example for one of my classes that I teach. I had an old celluloid necklace that I broke up (those are the cream colored beads) and a few left over beads from other projects that I used for the strung necklace and bracelet. the earrings sport the remaining buttons and two scarabs that Gwen had purchased at the Victoria and Albert Museum when she was on a trip in school many years ago. So now these treasures all have a home.

shabby chic jewelryThis set started with the gold lace mesh bracelet that I had been given one year for my B-day. I never had anything to where it with. Over the holidays we went to one of my favorite bead stores and I spent a few minutes (or more) looking through their selection of vintage beads. The necklace started with the mottled peach beads which came from an old necklace, a few other beads from my stash and the rest I found at the bead store. The stretchy bling bling bracelet and the heart shaped beads (which still have no other purpose than to look beautiful) were from a friend.

I hope that your day is glorious, that you enjoy every minute of it, and while you are perusing the internet, please stop by Kimmie’s side bar and visit the rest of the group!

Happy happy day, Christen


Tea on Tuesday, 1st of the year

tea cup

Tea today is a lovely little blend of Ambrosia Plum. Very light and pleasant.

Glad that the year has started, because that means vacation is over, and my guy is back to work. I love him so much that I would never, almost never, well sometimes I guess I have asked: “Why on earth are you watching a re-run of a football game from 1985?”

And to myself, why oh why does there have to be a sports event playing 24/7? Or a cops show, or a cheaters show; or what is a psychotic bride, wife, husband, mother-in-law, you-name-it person doing spreading their business on TV for?

Thank-goodness for tea and a good book….

Every year on December 31st, I resolve to be:

  1. thinner
  2. finish the projects that I started
  3. read more, read more, read more
  4. Invent more than 24 hours in a day
  5. thinner (I know that I already listed this, but I mean it this time)

I did work on this embroidered quilt over the holidays, and hopefully will be able to finish this project in the near future.

crazy quilt embroidery stitches

I did read a bit on Sunday, but no enough, still working on the 24+ hours thing.

But I already have broken #1 and #5 because I didn’t walk yesterday or the day before. Will have to work hard today to make up…. and not eat that chocolate sitting there….

Tea on Tuesday, I have decided is probably the only thing that I will have no trouble keeping as a constant-look-forward-to event.

Please join Kimmie and the rest of the group for a cup.