Tea on the Shortest Day of the Year….

it's my birthdayToday is the shortest day of the year, and it is my birthday. Gwen my daughter thought that it was very funny to give me this caution sign 4 years ago… ha ha… but I fear there are times that it is required, HA HA!!! The lovely card is from my mom.

Anyways as I started to write this post I heard a tap on the door, and Gwen came on her way to work, bringing these lovely flowers. The arrangement is so large, I only had a spot big enough for it in the kitchen!

beautiful boquet of flowers

Ah what a great kid.

Gwen in her ugly sweater.Here she is in a photo I took last week. She is in her costume for “The Ugly Sweater” contest that was sponsored by work; the contest became an event this year after her ugly sweater from last year. She looks pretty darn cute, and to top off the outfit I let her wear my Christmas decorating tiara. She won the contest!

breakfastAlong with the flowers she brought some funny balloons, which unfortunately deflated in the rain, but are still very festive. She also brought this plate full of homemade carrot cake.

So now I will say ado, eat some cake, have some more coffee, and have a little visit with you all! See you on the Kimmie’s sidebar, happy day to you.

Cheers, Christen

6 thoughts on “Tea on the Shortest Day of the Year….

  1. Happy, happy birthday, dear friend. It may be the shortest day, but it’s also the longest night of the year. So party like it’s 1999 and have a wonderful time.

    Your daughter is gorgeous! I can see why she won the contest. And that tiara is a HOOT.

    Have a great Tea Tuesday, enjoy the flowers, and eat cake, too. Merry Christmas, too. It looks so warm and inviting there!

  2. Happy Tea Tuesday and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Your daughter is so sweet …. And I love her outfit …. I think the sweater is ok though (not an ugly one) and I would wear it on a normal day 🙂 …… But I think it’s the overall effect that clinched the deal for her 😉

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Dear Christen
    Happy Birthday to You!!!!

    Your daughter is gorgeous…that tiara is the bees knees!

    Enjoy your BirthDAY/WEEK/MONTH dear one!

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