Snow, JO and movin’ slow….

cup of coffeeToday it is coffee in my snowflake mug, well actually I had lemon tea this morning when I woke up at 3:30 AM, but that is another story!

My mom has been sick, and I am not really up to jumpin’ around! Perhaps it is just the weather, it is cold (don’t laugh) here, and we don’t have central heating anymore. So we have little portable heaters which warm your toes, but not your nose, or any other part of the body that is not right next to it!

Sorry to have missed last week, I am in the crunch time with the book. Taking all the how-to pictures has taken the better part of a month and a half. My first draft is due January 3, so work work work!

Happy T-today, will visit all of you on Kimmie’s sidebar in a bit! Happy day, Christen

6 thoughts on “Snow, JO and movin’ slow….

  1. stay warm! I hope your mom gets well soon …. it’s that time of year that it would be a shame for her to miss out on the festivities … best wishes on your “crunch time” too! when it rains it pours I guess 🙂

  2. Kimmie said what I was thinking dear Christen
    it is never just one thing in life…is it

    take care my friend…very best wishes for your Mom’s improved health

  3. I hope your mom is better soon. That can be worrisome. And that’s a rather inopportune time for the book draft to be due, with the holidays and all. But I’m sure you will make it. Happy very late Tea Tuesday because I’m now drinking coffee, too.

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