Tea on Tuesday: warm and toasty

tea cupHowdy all, sorry to have missed tea last week! We were preparing for the Susan G. Koleman 60 mile walk for the cure. Our daughter raised over $2,300.00 for the charity, and walked 60 miles, mostly in the rain!

The mom’s, daughters, sisters and husbands of the group Gwen walked with got together each day and provided treats, cheers and encouragement for the walkers. We were pretty much soaked too, but it was well worth the effort to have been involved in such an amazing three day event.

So today I am sitting with a warm cup of Earl, keeping warm and toasty with the heater at my feet, which are clad in my new thermal slippers, hmmm feels good!

I hope that you all have a wonderous Thanksgiving, and will be seeing you next week! Happy tea to you all, and see you on Kimmie’s sidebar!

7 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday: warm and toasty

  1. I truly believe the three day event took precedence over tea! I’m so proud of your daughter, as I know you are, too!! I hope she is well, and the rain wasn’t too cold. Happy Tea today and Happy Thanksgiving, too. Gotta love that mug.

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