Tea on Tuesday: oatmeal and applesauce

tea on tuesdayGood day to you all, I hope that Tea on Tuesday finds you well, happy, and ready for the day! I am saying this as I have been awake since 2:00 am, fighting to stay in bed and trying to get back to sleep. Alas this did not happen, and I finally got up at 4:00 and started the day….

Tea today is with the Earl, very strong as you can imagine I am fading a bit about now…

I thought some oatmeal would pick me up. So I used a recipe of Kimmie’s where she suggested to put applesauce in the bowl and cook it. WELL…..hmmmm

To my embarrasment I made a grand mess in the microwave because I forgot that the oatmeal expanded. I now have a perfectly wonderful smelling glue-paste in the microwave, that I am sure will take some time to remove…..

So I decided to take some photos, and put my tea on the mantle which is decorated for the season.

art dolls

Please join Kimmie and the rest of the tea group for a cup of words, quotes, lovely pictures, tea related info and great friends….

I am now going to go clean up my mess, and perhaps take a walk…. or snuggle with Butch and read my book…

Enjoy, Christen

PS: Kimmie wrote that it was apple juice, not apple sauce, UH DUH!!!! Must try that instead!

12 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday: oatmeal and applesauce

  1. Wonderful look and feel to your harvest post … bet the applesauce smelled good even if it did make a mess with the oatmeal (can you believe we don’t have a microwave)

    Hope you have a blissful night’s sleep tonite … you should be tired!

    Happy T to you dear Christen

  2. Oh dear! I feel somehow responsible for your microwave mess! I cook my oatmeal in apple JUICE ……I can just imagine the gluey paste you came up with! It could have been sleep deprivation though! I do hope you sleep peacefully tonite …. So many people have so much trouble at this time of the year with the time change and all ….

  3. Love your mantle! And, I bet the house smells wonderful! Sorry you didn’t sleep last night. I’ve been awake since 2:30, so we could have talked, if we had known :)!
    Hope we both sleep well tonight.
    Have a good day, Christen.

  4. Sometimes you just have to get up & stop fighting to sleep !
    Our microwave blew up & we haven’t replaced it ( much to the teens’ annoyance !) I used to clean it by putting a container of water with some left over sliced lemons in to cook high. Then leave for a few minutes – the condensation helps shift stuck on bits ( porridge ?! ) when you wipe the inside with a cloth & leaves a nice smell too !

  5. Your mantle looks delightful, but sorry to hear about your micro-wave. I hope your day, after a few more cups of tea, gets better and that tonight you catch up on lost sleep.

  6. As always, your mantle vignettes are lovely. Gosh, I hope the applesauce/oatmeal combination wasn’t as hard to clean up as it sounds. Believe me, I’ve made a few similar messes in my day. Happy nearly end of Tea Tuesday. Hope it got better.

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