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Tea on Tuesday: warm and toasty

tea cupHowdy all, sorry to have missed tea last week! We were preparing for the Susan G. Koleman 60 mile walk for the cure. Our daughter raised over $2,300.00 for the charity, and walked 60 miles, mostly in the rain!

The mom’s, daughters, sisters and husbands of the group Gwen walked with got together each day and provided treats, cheers and encouragement for the walkers. We were pretty much soaked too, but it was well worth the effort to have been involved in such an amazing three day event.

So today I am sitting with a warm cup of Earl, keeping warm and toasty with the heater at my feet, which are clad in my new thermal slippers, hmmm feels good!

I hope that you all have a wonderous Thanksgiving, and will be seeing you next week! Happy tea to you all, and see you on Kimmie’s sidebar!

Tea on Tuesday: oatmeal and applesauce

tea on tuesdayGood day to you all, I hope that Tea on Tuesday finds you well, happy, and ready for the day! I am saying this as I have been awake since 2:00 am, fighting to stay in bed and trying to get back to sleep. Alas this did not happen, and I finally got up at 4:00 and started the day….

Tea today is with the Earl, very strong as you can imagine I am fading a bit about now…

I thought some oatmeal would pick me up. So I used a recipe of Kimmie’s where she suggested to put applesauce in the bowl and cook it. WELL…..hmmmm

To my embarrasment I made a grand mess in the microwave because I forgot that the oatmeal expanded. I now have a perfectly wonderful smelling glue-paste in the microwave, that I am sure will take some time to remove…..

So I decided to take some photos, and put my tea on the mantle which is decorated for the season.

art dolls

Please join Kimmie and the rest of the tea group for a cup of words, quotes, lovely pictures, tea related info and great friends….

I am now going to go clean up my mess, and perhaps take a walk…. or snuggle with Butch and read my book…

Enjoy, Christen

PS: Kimmie wrote that it was apple juice, not apple sauce, UH DUH!!!! Must try that instead!

Tea on Tuesday: Old Houses

chamomile teaTea today is Chamomile, just sippin’ and enjoying the quiet morning. In the last few days we have seen clear autumn days, a little on the warm side, but more like a snuggly blanket. Crisp clear nights with a few stars and warm socks on the toes!

I have a tendency to think of old houses at this time of year. I have always loved antiques, wood especially, and the interesting nooks and crannies that old homes have. My grandparents had an old brownstone in Toronto, and it was fun to roam around and peek into the here and there places.

old houseThis is a drawing that I purchased many years ago at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach, CA. I loved the architectural lines, the windows and the trimmings.

Hope that you are having a wonderful day, and that you too are enjoying something special. Please join Kimmie and the rest of the tea gang (on her side bar)!

Happy days, enjoy, Christen