Sp00ky Tea on Tuesday

halloween teaGood Morning All! Sorry to have been absentee for a few weeks, missed you and your posts! Today it is a warm cup of Chai Tea, just sittin’ and sippin, and lookin’ out at the mist….

Our weather has certainly been strange this month, beginning with thunder storms, following with a bit of a heat spell, then rain, rain, rain. It actually has been conducive to decorating, so that is what I did one not-so-sunny afternoon.

I wear the silver spider web tiara when I decorate for Fall. The pumpkins are glowing, the leaves are falling and the harvest bounty is spread all around!

Hope that you are well, and enjoying your day! Please stop by Kimmie’s place and visit the rest of the Tea Gang!

enjoy, Christen

9 thoughts on “Sp00ky Tea on Tuesday

  1. Cheers Christen! I now have a very fun visual image of you with a tiara on your head, whistling a happy tune and decorating your house for Halloween 🙂

    Happy Tuesday and so glad you’re back!!! Kimmie

  2. That Halloween vignette is gorgeous. I had a mental image of you dancing around in that tiara while decorating your home. Too funny. Sorry I’m so late getting here to wish you a happy Tea Tuesday. I simply can’t sit long enough to visit everyone at the same time today.

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