Tea on Tuesday, Harvest

harvest timeTea today is actually coffee, just sipping away, happy as a camper in still in my jammies! Actually I don’t think that I would be happy camping as it was usually cold, and there was always a rock under my back.

Anyways, the weather is cool and rainy and I am starting to decorate for fall. Last year I got on a “rusty gadget” theme and I am ready to start displaying my treasures. I found all of these old kitchen gadgets, here are two different graters; then there is my fake antique lantern, and this fun little chair made from real horseshoes!

My Autumn Harvest class is starting today at Joggles, and today it is all about the Pumpkins, next week the Cluckleheads (seen resting in the chair).

Hope that all is well with you, and please join Kimmie and the rest of the tea time group for a cuppa!

Enjoy, Christen

11 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday, Harvest

  1. I drink coffee every other day, except when I join the Tuesday Tea gals. It’s not cold here, nor is it raining. But at least the temps are tolerable, although our drought continues. I love that chair. And I am always enamored with rust, so this photo really made me smile. What a perfect Tea Tuesday post!

  2. It’s not a big thing here at all to decorate for Fall ( Autumn here ) – we do Hallowen very simply – a pumpkin invites children to trick or treat…( a tradition which has come from America.)
    Harvest Festival is held in Churches & primary schools but these days they seem only allowed to collect tins or packaged foods.

    I don’t know how you feel but I feel that everything becomes so commercialised

    • I think for us here in San Diego where we don’t really have the traditional seasons like back east the decorations give us a sense of the season. So in that respect I don’t think that it is commercialized, and I enjoy teaching a fun class that is not as intense as my others, just once in a while!

  3. I love that chair. Funn that you’re on a rust kick. I collect rust for the garden and my son always refers to it as “m0m’s rust”, as in “there’s another piece of mom’s rust”!
    I love the cluckleheads!

  4. Love the little chair. I used to sell my creations in a place called Rust and Dust. LOL It was full of really great things.
    I drink cappachino some days but never plain coffee. I mostly drink tea, hot or cold…hot usually in the mornings, then going to cold during the day.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and have enjoyed visiting yours this tea Tuesday.

  5. o your cuppa is cute! best wishes on your class, hope it goes well!! and that is exactly why i don’t tent camp anymore! happy tea week seeing as i missed tuesday!

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