Lizbeth in Guatmala: Dress up for September

dress up doll in mexicoLizbeth found herself on another adventure in September as she went on a day trip to Mexico for Mexican Independence Day.

She decided that she loved the culture, the colors and the cuisine so much that she would continue her travels. She visited an artist who made paper mache flowers; she visited a family who had a restaurant and made all of their own tortillas; and she visited a little distillery that made the best tequila (we won’t mention the few hours she lost sitting happily on the beach after that!).

Then she went on to Guatemala where she found beautiful pottery and fabrics, and wonderful dishes made from spices and little tiny bananas! She visited the historical Mayan ruins where she walked amongst the gods. The language was so beautiful she could just listen to it for hours.

What a rich and beautiful world we live in, I think that Lizbeth would encourage you to enjoy the diversity of the world around you and our brothers and sisters that live side by side in that world!

5 thoughts on “Lizbeth in Guatmala: Dress up for September

  1. Really nice post dear Christen!
    Lizbeth is lovely and what a lucky doll she is to get to travel and enjoy some of what our beautiful world has to offer!

    Happy T to you !

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