Tea on Tuesday, old and older

tea cozyTea today is green, calm and warm….

We woke up an hour late and my hubby had to dash into the shower and get dressed for work in 20 minutes. What a special way to start the day, ummmm not!

I just finished the tea cozy in the background, it is hand crazy pieced, with hand quilting. The only machine work was to assemble the front to the back. I made it from leftover bits and pieces of vintage feed sack cloth, that I had used to make my pincushions that I sell on Etsy.

The teapot was a gift from two dear old English friends that I worked with at the Broadway, many many years ago. I found the lovely little cup and saucer at the thrift store where I also found this lovely embroidered table runner.

embroidered table runnerI used this as an example of free-form embroidery in my BEBE class last session for Joggles. I am a sucker for anything that is embroidered, it is my passion, my meditation, my joy!

betty button cardsI found these darling little Bridge cards on ebay. These came in the original box, with the place cards and the Bridge match up cards! The ladies are a hoot with the net face cover and felt hats, I believe there are eight different styles. The gentlemen all are wearing the same top hat, I guess that it wasn’t important to vary there.

I must not be awake yet because I dream that I am from a different time, when place cards, tea cozies and lace were an everyday enjoyment…

Please join Kimmie and the rest of the tea gals, and make today an event, because you all are special!

7 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday, old and older

  1. This is a lovely nostalgic look back at what was. I understand the concept of handwritten invitations to tea, tea cozies, and formal afternoon tea was a common event. I even remember my grandmother talking about such things. However, with our busy lives, I fear these slow down events are merely a dream, a memory, or a concept to be enjoyed in thought only. What a lovely, lovely post today.

  2. better than dumb and dummer hehee … sorry old and older took me there 😉

    Love your treasures and the stories that go with them. Your tea cozy is fabulous, what a treasure!

    Waking up late is always such a jolt, hope the rest of the day went smoothly!

    Happy T to you dear Christen!

  3. what a sweet post today! I am in awe of your hand sewing/hand quilting. The only crazy quilt I ever made was on a baby lock machine – super quick/super easy – but not too special!

    Hope your day settles down! Happy T today! Kimmie

  4. What a pretty tea cozy. I love crazy quilting. When my fingers aren’t to stiff I still like to embroider. Such a pretty tea pot. For a short time someone opened a tea shop, here in Verona. You could go and have tea and little cakes and it was so nice to meet a friend there. But, sadly, like a lot of special places they went out of business. :)Bea

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