Tea on Tuesday, sunflowers and stuff

sunflowers and tea

Tea today is with the Earl, Gray that is, he served up a nice little bit of breakfast blend that I am just finishing up with my apple and almonds.

We have had a busy week, with work and family. My husband presided over a renewal of vows for two of his ex-students on Thursday. The ceremony was held overlooking San Diego bay and it was beautiful. The couple had been married in New York last February, but wished to have a ceremony for their families that lived here in So Cal. It was a very emotional day for my husband, as he wrote the entire ceremony, being a teacher and council to both the bride and groom. After seeing the entire group of respective parents and family members it was not a surprise to me why they have chosen him for that position.

It left us both emotionally depleted though, so we just hung around the house and went for a walk and did a bit of yard cleaning.

garage sale goodiesSo these are the treasures that I found at the garage sale, and what makes them even more wonderful is that I found them in the “Free” bin!

flower potWe spent most of the summer under a layer of clouds, this was a bit depressing both for the seeds that we planted and our spirits. I have been getting one or two flowers per plant, but it has been fun to watch what may come out of those packets!

pepper spray and whistleUnfortunately the clouds that had kept the temperatures down did not prepare us for the smoldering 90 degree weather that we are having on the coast and over 105 inland where my husband and daughter will be today. I am off for my walk so I can get back home before it is too hot and I don’t pass out! I now carry this handy little pepper spray and whistle, which gives me the confidence that I lost after my scare in the earlier part of the summer.

Happy tea to all, and please take a moment to join Kimmie and the rest of the gang!


7 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday, sunflowers and stuff

  1. sweet post and sharing … those are some very interesting freebies … the finger especially 🙂
    your whistle and spray seems a very good idea … where does one look for something like that?
    Happy T Tuesday dear Christen

  2. I am in awe of the freebies. You are so lucky. Your painting is gorgeous, too.

    I was lamenting to Cat that I have had no flowers in my garden this year because of the excessive heat and drought. I would gladly take overcast. And 90 degrees sounds pretty cool to me. Our temps are more like your inland temps. At least you have the Ocean breezes.

    I was wondering, is San Diego Bay where the lighthouse is? It is one special spot, if so.

  3. I love your sunflowers! I’m sorry you’ve had a gray summer. That’s a bummer for real, but there were days here where a little cloudiness would have been nice! What a wonderful honor for your husband to be chosen to preside over his former students’ wedding.
    Stay safe, Christen, your pepper spray and whistle will help.

  4. lovely sunflowers – and really cool “free” stuff – the manequin finger is just a hoot!

    I’m glad you’re staying safe on your walks – that really was a scare you had earlier this summer!

    Happy T today! Kimmie

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