Tea on Tuesday, missed you all

coffee mugWell hello out there, you tea time gals, missed you lots! Today the java is helping me stay awake after a night of kitty fights! I hope that you all have had a great summer so far, and I promise that I will take some time this week to catch up on all that I have missed!

My summer was spent working twelve hour days on the classes that I taught for Joggles. As I said I had five new classes, all of which ran at least three weeks, two ran four and one ran five. I was stitching and clicking and typing and repeating the process every day. It got so confusing that I wasn’t sure which class I was working on when I went to save my documents! I had a few fiascoes, but was able to recover the work, my sanity and dignity!

I have three great things to tell you, the first is I will have an article published in January, I will let you know what it is when the date is closer. The second is that I have had a book proposal accepted, and will be working on that for the next six months. I will let you know more about that when I can. The third is that I have six classes this schedule for Joggles, I will get the photos up soon. In addition to this my niece is now teaching for Joggles, Jessica Acosta Hamilton, she is very talented!

So I have had a busy summer, and I am sorry that I missed out visiting with you all! Please join Kimmie and the rest of the group for a cup of tea, conversation and summertime fun!

Take care, Christen

8 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday, missed you all

  1. ooh you have been busy – congratulations on all your news. I nearly didn’t get round to a T Tuesday post – so glad I did xx

  2. I’m so happy for this season of productivity and creation in your life!!! just remember to pace yourself πŸ™‚ …. taking that occasional tea break maybe?

    Happy T today!! Kimmie

  3. Hello ~ Hello Dear Christen
    I have missed you, so happy all of the wonderful events you shared are what kept you busy this summer. VERY exciting! Congrats! your hard work is paying off.
    Your classes look just splendid too!
    You and I both had coffee for T this week πŸ™‚
    Take Care and Enjoy!

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