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Tea on Tuesday, old movies

tea on tuesday old moviesTea on Tuesday is coffee today, a little bit of a jolt now and again is a good thing, for me at least.

This week I spent a few quiet moments watching some old movies that I had recorded earlier in the summer. I often peruse AMC and Turner Classics for the oldies, the ones that we watched when I was a kid, and would have been considered old then!

I started with a movie that had been loosely based on a novel called Tish. The movie starred Marjorie Main and Zasu Pitts, and many other actors you would recognize. The book regaled us with the adventures of a strong-willed maiden aunt who is way beyond her time period, her skill level shall we say, and any reasoning that her nephew can exert.

From there I went on to The Canterville Ghost, starring Robert Young (very young), Margaret O’Brien (my dad had a crush on her all of his life), and Charles Laughton as the ghost. Set in England during WWII, Cuffy (Robert Young) is destined to save his long-lost ancestor, Sir Simon (the ghost) from living all of eternity in shame. This is accomplished and all is right with the world!

The last film was The Grand Hotel with the stellar cast of Greta Garbo, John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, Joan Crawford, and Wallace Beery. Every time I watch this I focus on a different actor’s performance, there is just so much going on that you can’t possibly absorb the entire movie in one viewing. And Joan Crawford had some killer gloves on in one scene that I wouldn’t mind owning!

wildflower seedsI will leave you with a few more photos of the flowers that were produced from the wildflower seeds we planted at the beginning of the summer.

wildflower seedsThis one is really sweet with the flower about 1/2″ in size.

wildflower seedsOur weather has turned a bit cool again, with some morning low clouds and a bit of rain the other day. But I am not complaining!

Off to do some work, please join Kimmie and the rest of the tea group!

Enjoy, happy day to you, Christen

PS: please take a look at Lizbeth’s adventures, she has missed many months of the Dress Up challenge, but she is back now!

Lizabeth’s Adventures: Dress Up for August

Lizabeth in EnglandLizabeth has been on a world wide adventure with her favorite Aunt Mural!

Early in April her aunt called her from her home in Alberta, inviting Lizabeth on an adventure. She asked her to join her on a journey across the globe to far off and exotic lands. Lizabeth got her passport, packed her bags and boarded a plane to Toronto where she met her Aunt.

First stop on the trip was to London, where she bought this lovely designer gown in at Lord and Taylor’s. She and her Aunt visited the V and A, and with so many wonderful exhibits they came back twice! They visited Scotland where Aunt Murial’s kinsmen Robert Burns was born, and stayed at a lovely little B & B for a few days.

Throughout the month of April they traveled all through Britain, Scotland, Whales, and Ireland, then it was time to take the chunnel on to Paris.

lizabeth in ParisOh Paris, glorious city of lights, a beautiful city in May! Lizbeth was enchanted with the fountains, the statues, the museums and the cousine, yumn ! Everything was so beautiful that she could smile and cry at the same time. She bought a vintage gown at Worth, which had been worn by one of her most favorite silent film actresses! She and her Aunt Murial visited Versailles, Monet’s gardens and of course took a ride to the top of the tower!

lizbeth in tuscanyAfter the nightlife and wonders of Paris they traveled to Tuscany for the month of June. A little rest and relaxation was needed for both of them! They stayed at a lovely villa that had once been a famous winery. They wandered amongst the vines, the vegetables and the lovely gardens! When they felt the need to visit the city they traveled with the chauffeur in the 1949 Bentley, the only way to go!

lizabeth in japanFrom Europe they traveled to China and Japan spending the month of July traveling to both large and small cities. Oh the flower gardens, oh the fabrics, oh the people! What a wonderful experience to climb the “Great Wall”, and to see the “Forbidden City”! All of the places that they had read about, all of the sites and smells they had dreamed about!

lizabeth in indiaFrom the East they traveled by cruise ship to India, where both Lizbeth and her Aunt Murial were enchanted by the culture, the people and the food! The Taj Mahal had of course been top on the list, but oh the wonders that they saw in the cities, the country. Their stay was mad even more memorable by the generosity of their hostess who had been a friend of Aunt Murial for many years.

Now back in the states, Lizbeth is catching up with all of the rest of her friends that have been designing dresses and participating in the “Dress-Up Challenge“. Won’t you please join her in wishing the best to all of the designers!

enjoy- Christen

Tea on Tuesday, sunflowers and stuff

sunflowers and tea

Tea today is with the Earl, Gray that is, he served up a nice little bit of breakfast blend that I am just finishing up with my apple and almonds.

We have had a busy week, with work and family. My husband presided over a renewal of vows for two of his ex-students on Thursday. The ceremony was held overlooking San Diego bay and it was beautiful. The couple had been married in New York last February, but wished to have a ceremony for their families that lived here in So Cal. It was a very emotional day for my husband, as he wrote the entire ceremony, being a teacher and council to both the bride and groom. After seeing the entire group of respective parents and family members it was not a surprise to me why they have chosen him for that position.

It left us both emotionally depleted though, so we just hung around the house and went for a walk and did a bit of yard cleaning.

garage sale goodiesSo these are the treasures that I found at the garage sale, and what makes them even more wonderful is that I found them in the “Free” bin!

flower potWe spent most of the summer under a layer of clouds, this was a bit depressing both for the seeds that we planted and our spirits. I have been getting one or two flowers per plant, but it has been fun to watch what may come out of those packets!

pepper spray and whistleUnfortunately the clouds that had kept the temperatures down did not prepare us for the smoldering 90 degree weather that we are having on the coast and over 105 inland where my husband and daughter will be today. I am off for my walk so I can get back home before it is too hot and I don’t pass out! I now carry this handy little pepper spray and whistle, which gives me the confidence that I lost after my scare in the earlier part of the summer.

Happy tea to all, and please take a moment to join Kimmie and the rest of the gang!


Tea on Tuesday, missed you all

coffee mugWell hello out there, you tea time gals, missed you lots! Today the java is helping me stay awake after a night of kitty fights! I hope that you all have had a great summer so far, and I promise that I will take some time this week to catch up on all that I have missed!

My summer was spent working twelve hour days on the classes that I taught for Joggles. As I said I had five new classes, all of which ran at least three weeks, two ran four and one ran five. I was stitching and clicking and typing and repeating the process every day. It got so confusing that I wasn’t sure which class I was working on when I went to save my documents! I had a few fiascoes, but was able to recover the work, my sanity and dignity!

I have three great things to tell you, the first is I will have an article published in January, I will let you know what it is when the date is closer. The second is that I have had a book proposal accepted, and will be working on that for the next six months. I will let you know more about that when I can. The third is that I have six classes this schedule for Joggles, I will get the photos up soon. In addition to this my niece is now teaching for Joggles, Jessica Acosta Hamilton, she is very talented!

So I have had a busy summer, and I am sorry that I missed out visiting with you all! Please join Kimmie and the rest of the group for a cup of tea, conversation and summertime fun!

Take care, Christen