A bit of a Coffe Break is Needed

cow mugsWhew, time for some Java! These cups just crack me up, my guy is home for a month or so after the summer session is over, so it is  a blessing to have him around! I drink from the cup on the right, with Vincent’s stars and he gladly drinks from Moonet’s cup on the left.

I have been working like mad for over two months on my classes for Joggles this summer session. I have five classes, and all of them are new, so this meant new samples, new photography, and new text for the handouts.

Here is what we will be doing this week:

right angle weave braceletsThese are samples of the Flora Dora and Daisy Chain Bracelets, RAW (right angle weave bracelets). The bottom two bracelets were designed to understand the stitch. The middle bracelet is the Flora Dora and the top is the Daisy Chain. This class started today.

On Friday I will be teaching the third lesson of the Scrumptious Scraps class. This is what the lesson will be covering:

dyed ribbon flowersThe first lesson of the class was to make the lace base. The second lesson was to dye all of the ribbons to make the flowers. On Friday the class will cover making the ribbon worked flowers and leaves. This class will run for two sessions after this one.

Next week I have a third class starting, Beadazzled Somemore. This class will be learning how to peyote stitch beads to fabric. This class will run for four sessions.

free-form peyote stitch on fabric

The last class for the summer that I will be teaching is BEBE, beginning embroidery with bead embellishment. This is the new sample that I am working on:

traditional embroideryThese are traditional embroidery stitches that will be further embellished with beads. I am only halfway finished with the thread embroidery at this stage and have not even begone to get the beads ready for this project. This class will also run for four sessions.

So I am off again, back to work, as always it is a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful group of tea-sipping mates! For a look at what the rest of the gang is up to please stop by Kimmies place!

Enjoy, Christen

5 thoughts on “A bit of a Coffe Break is Needed

  1. My husband has the summer off too (he teaches high school) …. it’s nice to have him around – but he has been a bit of a white tornado this week – I know he’ll relax eventually 🙂

    Your classes look amazing! I am in awe of your skills! Best wishes in the prep and carrying out of them – your students are lucky to learn from a master!

    Happy T today!!! Kimmie

  2. I love the new bead embroidery piece you’re doing, Christen. And, I love all the others too, especially the peyote on fabric! Good luck with all the classes.

  3. Lucky students to take any class from you dear Christen, your creations are WOW!

    Enjoy Enjoy your special guy at home

    your moo mugs crack me up too

  4. I have seen the Vincent mug before, but never the MOOnet. Too funny. Love that you would drink coffee and show us your lovely beading. What stunning work you do with your hands and many, many beads. I’m totally impressed. Happy T Tuesday.

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