Tea in the country

country teaHappy T-Tuesday to all!!!!

I am actually just sitting outside of my house having a sip of Apple Cinnamon, and watching the world go by. This  truck has been parked outside of the house for a few days, and I just love the color, and the rusty parts that still seem to work…

We have been working in the garden a bit, and here are some photos of the seed packets we planted a month ago:

seedlingsseedlingsWe have six pots sitting on the front porch on the chairs, I can’t hardly wait to see what blooms come attached to the leaves here.

yellow roseOur trusty rose bushes are blooming with wonderful yellows, crimson and pink. This one was particularly pretty.

cactus in bloomIn the backyard the Christmas Cactus was happily creating color for the birds and Butch (our outdoor cat).

featherI found this feather amongst the leaves of the rose bush, it was about 1/2″ long.

It touched my heart to see it sitting there, as my heart was touched last week by all of your kind comments.

Thank you dears, you helped greatly.

Please join Kimmie and the rest of the tea-group here.

Happy days, Christen

5 thoughts on “Tea in the country

  1. we sometimes have old trucks parked on our street for a few days …. kind of strange …. but they are particularly beautiful when they are vintage and well aged 🙂

    I love those chairs you have your pots on – it looks really “San Diego” to me for some reason 🙂

    Happy T today Christen!!! I hope things are well for you 🙂

  2. We believe that a white feather is a sign from the other side … communication if you will 🙂
    It’s sweet sipping T with you in your lovely garden across the miles Christen!
    Take Care!

  3. I can just see some artist taking that photo of the truck, manipulating it in photoshop, and making a bundle off it. What an awesome picture.

    Your flowers are lovely. Looks like your herbs are starting to get some height to them, too. Thoroughly enjoyed touring the garden and having tea with you today, even if it is a bit late in the day.

  4. White feathers are left by Guardian Angels I’m told.
    Love your pots on chairs – I sprinkled wildflower seeds & am waiting to see too !

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