T on Tuesday: cherries, tea, meditation and yoga

vintage tea cup and bowl of cherriesGood day ladies, I am slowly getting back into a routine that is healthy and happy and good for my soul.

The past month was spent primarily being concerned with my mom, which means I don’t have time for the things that I need to work on for my health, like meditation, walking, exercising and enjoying yummy cherries!

I think though my daily walks will be confined to the weekends when my husband can join me. Last Sunday when my husband was out of town I went for a walk on our normal route which was by the park. It was a beautiful day, lots of people out walking, running; and many cars and bicyclists driving up and down the street.

This however did not deter a young man from following me for five blocks. At first when I heard the footsteps I thought “how rude, why is this person following so close?”. I slowed down to let them pass, and they didn’t, so I walked normally for a bit and then sped up my pace. Still the person kept the same 10 steps behind me.

I began to get nervous but had no defense on me. No cell phone, no pepper spray, no defense class training; and no ID in case I was left and couldn’t talk! I felt mad and angry, but not powerful enough to confront the person. I passed my street, but wasn’t going to walk home. At this point a police car cruised by us very slowly. I thought to myself “Come Back!!!”.

As I approached the curb of the next street, I saw that they had driven around the block and were driving towards me so I kept walking across the street in front of them. The police car stopped at the curb, between my follower and I. They quickly got out of the car, with their hands on their belts and began talking to him. I believe that either he fit a description of someone they were looking for or someone called them because they saw him following me.

I walked to the next curb, turned the corner and doubled back around the block to see what was happening. The police seemed to be running his ID, but the young man was not handcuffed. I quickly turned around and began to run up the block for as long as I could, then I walked as fast as I could towards home. I wanted to get as much distance between myself and the man in case they did let him go.

As I was nearing my block, the police car drove past me, and I could see that he was not in the back seat. I must admit that this made me even more nervous. I got to my house, quickly opened the door and locked myself in!

When I spoke to my husband about the incident, he felt that the young man would have been more likely to rob me than anything else, which in retrospect is better than the alternative offenses.

I have decided to look into a self defense training course for my daughter and myself this week, because you just can’t be careful enough! In the mean time a little yoga, tea and meditation will work towards restoring some balance.

Thank you Kimmie, who is our T Mistress for having us to tea. Please join her and the rest of the group for a cup!

Thankful to be back, Christen

3 thoughts on “T on Tuesday: cherries, tea, meditation and yoga

  1. oh Christen – what a horrifying tale!
    Living in a small town, I’ve learned that the police don’t mind if you wave a hand and flag them down for a friendly chat. If that ever happens again – don’t hesitate to assertively bring them into the picture. If anything, it would have caused that man to high tale it out of there. That is what the police are there for – to be a tangible and available part of the community.
    Anyway – I’m glad you’re ok – I’m glad things are settling down for your Mom too – life is just a bowl full of cherries isn’t it?

    Happy T today!!! Kimmie

  2. Oh Christen ~ I feel for you … what a harrowing experience!
    SO glad for the happy ending!
    Take good care and be gentle with yourself … you’ve had an awful lot on your plate!
    BIG (((hugs))) from across the miles!

  3. That must have been one ugly experience Christen…glad you are safe…..please take care and thank you for sharing tea with us….
    hugs steph

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