Tea and Strawberries Grandiose

Tea today is Tazo China Green Tea Tips served up with the largest strawberries that I have ever seen in my life, I feel a bit like Alice when she was “small”. Well that is not entirely true about these strawberries, for M’s-Day Gwen bought huge strawberries dipped in white chocolate drizzled with dark chocolate. They looked so pretty and tasted so good, and I am sorry that I didn’t take a picture before I gorged myself on them! These fresh strawberries taste really wonderful (even without the chocolate), with a full amount of sweet summer splendor to them.

This weekend we did a bit more planting. I got a few fun packets of mixed seeds at Target, “Wildflower Garden, Fragrant Garden and Butterfly Garden” seeds. I decided to mix all of the seeds in these packets together, and then plant them in pots that we have around the garden. I will let you know how that goes…

Please join Kimmie our T-time mistress and the rest of the group for a cuppa!

Enjoy- Christen

PS: To all the tea time ladies, sorry that I have been an absen-T, and not visited your blogs as I should have! I have been busy with a few things that are taking up most of my time, such as life and work. I still drop in and peak when I get a chance, and even though I may not leave a comment I am smiling at you and wishing you well!

6 thoughts on “Tea and Strawberries Grandiose

  1. I’ve never had Tazo tea, even though I’ve read Patty loves it and talks about it a lot on her blog. I am quite sure I haven’t had any lovely large strawberries like that, especially this year, either.

    Don’t worry about dropping by. We’ll be here when your life gets less hectic. Just enjoy your tea and lovely strawberries and have a tea riffic day.

  2. I can almost smell those strawberries from here 🙂
    and please do keep us posted on your wildflower mix!
    Please also remember that Tea is a no-obligation zone 🙂
    I call it “loose tea.”
    Hugs, Kimmie

  3. Those strawberries are gorgeous! I love strawberries, they’re one of my favorite fruits. I have all kinds of decorative things with strawberries on them. Love them!

  4. gorgeous berries Christen, they make my mouth water

    imaging your lovely pots of flowers, what a delight those will be!

    thank you for your kind wishes!

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