Tea on Tuesday, May Flowers

may flowersWelcome to tea today all. Today I am sipping a little bit of Raspberry Zinger (my favorite), and reminiscing about Mom’s day. The cup was given to me 28 years ago by my friend Jeri, she gave it to me for my first Mom’s day (which hadn’t actually happened yet because Gwen was born in July), so it was my precursor MDay present!

I wanted to share the gifts that my daughter gave to me for this year’s Mom’s day. The lovely dainty roses were a great surprise, as I dearly had wanted a bush or two! My husband and I always saved our money for the gifts for my husband’s mom, my mom, and our respective grandmother’s and never had extra money for my Mom’s day flowers…. So yeah I have a little lovely bush of my own, , she knows me all to well!

The other great gift she gave me was the antique cast-iron iron, which I always wanted too! She must have been channeling the gift goddess that day, because she was spot-on with my gifts. Of course the best one was just to be with her for the entire day, and we had a lovely time!

First we visited my mom in her apartment, and my DH also the GD (great dad) made us a lovely picnic lunch and even cleaned up after wards. We spent a quiet afternoon looking through her books, old photos and reading short stories that she and I had both written. Then we drove back to our house and spent the evening watching two of my favorite movies: Titanic and The Holiday. What was nice about that is we have seen both movies a gazillion times but because it was a special day no complaints were issued because we had seen the movies a gazillion times! My DH made another great meal and cleaned up after this one too! Great day indeed!

This is the group of flowers that I got for Mom’s day from my guy, with a few tucked in from my father-in-law’s garden.

Flowers were made for moms I think!

Happy day to you, please join Kimmie and the rest of the group for a cuppa! Enjoy your day, Christen

4 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday, May Flowers

  1. I’m so happy you had a wonderful Mothers’ Day, Christen. Your flowers are beautiful. Days like that are the memories we cherish always.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. It looks like you had a lovely and love-filled Mother’s Day!!! Your flowers are amazing! So rich in color! Blessings!

    Happy T! Kimmie

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