Tea on Tuesday, life is a Rose Garden

tea and rosesGood morning tea time ladies! Today my English Breakfast Tea is in the capable hands of Lord Nelson’s “Briar Rose” tea-cup. Grouped here are a few of the roses I picked this weekend. Today is all about flowers, and gardens and the sweet smell of Spring.

Saturday we walked over to the rose garden in Balboa Park, and I guess we got the planting bug, because that afternoon we went to Home depot and bought some plants. We worked in the garden on Sunday and my guy planted the snapdragons, columbine, wallflowers, impatiens, verbena and cosmos while I tidied up the pots and various outdoor displays. I picked the white roses off a bush that somehow grew taller than me! The yellow rose is from my favorite bush with a sweet scent!

The white roses had a bit of a falling out from their stems, these petals don’t smell as nice as the yellow rose, but I just can’t throw them away, I keep them in a crystal bowl in the bathroom, just because it makes me happy!

This is a picture of a purse that I am working on with a dyed base of lace and silk. I am adding in raised stitch embroidery with pearl cotton and wildflower threads.

This is another project that I am working on (all of these in my spare time don’t ya know!). The top strand of purple flowers was given to me by a friend, her mother had worked the crochet strand. I am not sure how I will attach all of the flowers here, some tatted and some crochet. My mom embroidered the little pin, and I may work this in somehow too.

I thought that I would leave you with these baby buds, and wish you all a wonderful week, and for those of you celebrating being a mom, your mom, or just the lovely spring weather, Happy Day to you! Please join Kimmie and the rest of the “T” group for a cup of conversation.


6 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday, life is a Rose Garden

  1. what a bright & cheerful post Christen.
    ( My little Maypole dancing flower is seventeen now – but still lovely if very very untidy !!! )

  2. absolutely lovely and charming post as always Christen!

    we are looking forward to roses, almost time here in VA … sounds like your garden is full of delights! what you’re creating is so colorful and speaks to the parade of colors that spring always brings!

    thank you for helping make T Tuesdays so beautiful!

  3. gorgeous post Christen! I love all the colors! beautiful beautiful handwork!!! and lucky you to have roses so soon! Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

    Happy T today! Kimmie

  4. What gorgeous flowers you picked this weekend. Mine haven’t even begun to bloom. You are very lucky and that they are just in time for Mother’s Day, too.

    Your crocheted pansies are adorable. And the colors are right, too. You have some lovely things to work with.

    Happy Tea Tuesday. I’m a bit late, but I hope it was artful and full of teatime fun.

  5. Wow…such beautiful roses and the crochet and tatting is gorgeous! My grandmother tatted. I got a tatting shuttle a long time ago and attempted it… I was even worse at that than I am at crocheting!

  6. I love your roses, Christen. Ours aren’t out yet, although I have buds on them. But, I saw yesterday that my peonies are blooming!
    The new purse is gorgeous, as usual, and naturally, I love the crocheted pansies :)!

    Have a wonderful day.

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