“T” is for Treasures

tea is for treasures

“T” is for treasures, and wonderful “T” Buddies! Sorry that I have been awhol for a bit, busy with life, work and unfortunately not much play (unless you count my job which some would call play!).

Tea today is China Green tea, a gift that came in the package below with all of those other delicious teas…..

tea treasuresI received this lovely group of goodies from Kimmie last week, as a hostess thank you. All of the treasures were wrapped nicely in this cool napkin. I now am the proud owner of a really cool button, an inchie, a wonderful little tea holder with a twinchie on top, a really cool old postcard, and some wonderful twine.

When I told my DH that I received goodies in the mail, he asked what was in the package, and I said that he needed to be here to see, cause he didn’t know what inchies and twinchies are, and my description over the phone was insufficient!

creative beginnings

When I opened the package the colors in the postcard and on the tea holder captured my imagination. So I started to pull out some vintage lace and ribbons, metal “tea themed” buttons, the hand made button from the package, vintage milliner flowers and vintage threads. I am not sure what the finished product will be, I will keep you all posted!

robin's blue eggIn parting I wanted to share this partial egg-shell that I found on my walk. This matches the eggs illustrated in the napkin, how coincidental is that?

Thank you again dear Kimmie! Please join her over at Art in Red Wagons for a cup of tea, and the list of the rest of the T-time group.

enjoy- Christen

7 thoughts on ““T” is for Treasures

  1. You really scored. Looks like a lovely bunch of goodies from Kimmie. She is so thoughtful and I saw another of her goodie packages. She knows how to fill them to the brim.

    Looks like you have your choice of tea today. It’s always fun when you can choose and these all look super.

    That egg shell is adorable. Not sure what you plan to do with it, but you can break it up a bit more, attach gooey white glue to some substrate form (such as a paper frame, star, heart, etc.) then place the egg shells on the substrate. I’m always amazed at how pretty this technique turns out, and I don’t even have any lovely blue spotted shells!

  2. Treasures indeed, your blog posts are always a treasure trove of thoughtful goodness Christen!

    Kimmie certainly outdid herself in creating such lovely things for us!
    People are so kind and generous I can hardly keep up with the thank yous!

    Lovely tea post and your wee egg shell is so precious!!!

  3. I’m glad you’re enjoying your little gift Christen 🙂
    (I use those fancy paper napkins fro decoupage)
    How cool is that robin’s egg shell? Now that is real treasure 🙂

    Happy T today Christen!!! (and thank you for the mention – that was sweet) Kimmie

  4. Christen those colours really do work together and what a beautiful servette one of my pashions is to buy packs of them when I go away somewhere.

    Sorry that I am a day late ‘stuff’ got in the way.
    hriss x

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