Tea on Tuesday: Signs of Spring

vintage tea cup and fresh flowersTea on Tuesday is hosted by Dianne this week and she has chosen the theme “What signifies the coming of spring for you?” The answer to that is our wisteria growing back and flowers and more flowers. I am no good with the whole “spring forward” thing, I am always so messed up with the time change because all of the clocks seem to have a will of their own, and it takes a week or so to get back into the groove!

I have taken a picture of one of my favorite vintage cups that I found at the thrift store, and today I am drinking a black cherry tea by Celestial Seasonings. I have always loved flowers and gardens but never considered myself a gardener. I have grouped a few of the flowers we have growing in our yard around my cup, and when I see the picture up close, I have to admit that perhaps I am a gardener!

flowers around the fenceWhen we first moved in to our house, there were only a few plants, and no grass whatsoever. We planted along the brick wall just to give it some color. One evening we had all of our wind chimes stolen, and they were hanging just outside the door (hidden here by the bougainvillea). Sooooo, we had the fence put up, and the flowers had to be on the outside, which actually looks very pretty.

wisteriaThis is a picture of our wisteria bush. The delicate blossoms are so enchanting, and they smell pretty good too!

amaryllisThis is a picture of the amaryllis that was here when we moved in. However we moved in during November and had no idea what was planted there. Can you imagine the surprise we had our first spring to see these blooming! The seeds have blown and traveled to other parts of the yard, but they really seem to love this area the best!

wheel barrow flower potThis is one of two-wheel barrows that were bequeathed to me by friends. I love to use non-traditional planters such as these and an old toilet that is in our backyard. I think that this odd trait came from the summers we spent at our cottage in Canada, where many of our neighbors had rock gardens, old boat gardens, and you guessed it porcelain thrones stuffed full of petunias!

weedsThis view is of the backyard which we have entirely bricked. My husband and I hauled every one of those bricks as well as 3 old telephone posts, (I believe that I was much younger then). Can see a small section of the potato vine that yields that lovely purple flower from the first photo?

The bright yellow flowers are actually a weed called “stink weed” (I believe), and they have volunteered to grow throughout the garden, which is quite nice indeed as they do add a nice touch of color. My friend Betty once said that weeds were merely unplanned guests, no need to fret, make room for them and they will be delighted!

Please join Kimmie our tea master, and the rest of the ladies for a cup of spring!

enjoy- Christen

8 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday: Signs of Spring

  1. I would say YES you definitely deserve gardener status Christen!
    Your gorgeous Spring looks like our early summer.
    We will never see Amaryllis growing like that here in N Virginia, that’s for sure!
    I enjoy unusual planters too and have always wanted to plant a toilet in our garden!
    Your wheelbarrow has wonderful patina, it’s a beaut too!
    A Very Happy Spring T to you!

  2. stunning flowers. I’ve loved Bougavvillia when we have lived abroad and I planted wisteris in our old garden – it was just getting going when we moved.
    Nothing grows well in this garden so I’ve let the hens take over !
    Beautiful photos thank you – it’s pouring with rain here & I got soaked walking the dog but my lovely son has made me a cup of tea ! Happy T Tuesday xx

  3. What a gorgeous vintage tea cup. And it looks like spring when I saw it and the lovely vignette you created around it.

    I am so impressed by your garden shots. I’m still waiting for the daffodils to show their faces in my garden. Everything in my garden seems to be behind every other photo I’ve seen today. Lovely interpretation of the theme, though.

    I’m glad I found your blog. You have some gorgeous things on it. I could probably spend a week here. Happy T Tuesday.

  4. Yep, Christen, from the looks of your garden, you’re a gardener :)! I think your garden is lovely and I admire you and your hubby for hauling all those bricks! Daunting is all I can say!

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. I think you are a gardener too!!!! I especially love the wheelbarrow and what looks like an old tricycle behind the stinkweed …. I love using things like that in and among the flowers 🙂
    Lovely Post Christen!
    Happy Tuesday! Kimmie

  6. You are in deed very much a gardener! What a beautiful yard and flowers! I would be in heaven… but truthfully… I don’t enjoy gardening here. It’s just too hot… So I watch for wild flowers!

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