Tea on Tuesday: Where you Live

tea cup

Southern California

Kimmie’s “T”ea on Tuesday is hosted by Penny’s The Hen House this week, and she has chosen the theme: “Where You Live”. I live in California, which is the third largest state in area of the United States.

We have beaches such as Manhattan where I was born, Huntington where the Beach Boys hung out, and Black’s Beach where the brave bathe nude. We have Forests such as the Redwoods, Yosemite, and Cleveland National Forest. We have deserts such as Palm Springs and Borego Springs. We have mountains to ski on such as Big Bear and Mammoth. We have farm country such as Salinas the lettuce capitol of the world and Gilroy the garlic capitol of the world; and we have the Wine Country which actually spans most of the length of the state.

map of California

Wine Country

We have the down-towns, up-towns, old towns, mid-towns, boom towns and ghost towns. We have famous towns such as Los Angeles known as the City of Angels; and Pasadena where the Rose Bowl Parade is held (and I have marched in). We have quaint little towns such as Carmel, Julian, and Solvang, as well as sections in towns called China Town, Little Italy, Little Germany, Olivera Street and Little Korea, all full of culture, shopping and good cuisine.

The Hotel Del

The Hotel Del

We have famous hotels such as The Del where Marylin Monroe sizzled in “Some Like it Hot”; and The Beverly Hills Hotel where Eddie Murphy stayed in “Beverly Hills Cop”. We have famous streets such as Lombard in San Francisco that curves so much that it makes me sea sick to drive down,  and the Sunset Strip where the unknowns became known in the movie industry both famously and infamously. We have the California Missions along the Historic El Camino Real “The King’s Highway” that were founded by Franciscan Friars, every kid in California has recreated a mission for a school project (usually out of sugar cubes).

postcard of California Missions

California Missions

We have famous places such as Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, Cannery Row in Monterrey, and the Santa Monica Pier. We have parks such as Joshua Tree National Park, Griffith Observatory Park and Balboa Park (in San Diego). We have amusement parks such as Disneyland, Sea World, Knot’s Berry Farm and Magic Mountain. We have museums such as The Huntington Library, The Museum of Tolerance, and the Getty Museums, and we have beautiful aquariums such as the ones in Monterrey Bay and La Jolla.

I have had black tea in a restaurant in San Francisco’s China Town district, jasmine tea in a little Indian restaurant in Santa Monica, passion tea in a Thai restaurant in Santa Barbara, herbal tea in a quaint little sandwich shop in Del Mar, spicy orange tea in a little dessert shop in Idilllwid, chamomile tea for breakfast at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite and Lady Grey at high tea at the Horten Grand Hotel also here in San Diego. But the best tea is definitely shared with friends!

We have railway systems, subway systems, airports, sea ports, freeways, toll roads, two way roads, one way roads, country roads and dirt roads. We have plains, trains, automobiles, motor cycles, recreational vehicles, motor bikes, mountain bikes, beach cruisers, skate boards and skates. We have houses, condos, apartments, duplexes, bungalows, mobile homes and tree houses. and the best place in California is where my husband and daughter are.

Enjoy- Christen

5 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday: Where you Live

  1. just gotta love Tinkerbell!!!
    Your posts of southern Cal make me miss it … especially anything to do with the beach! Happy T today! XOXO, Kimmie

  2. Such a delightful and informative post dear Christen! Wonderful!
    BTW I am a Tinkerbell fan too … quelle surprise 😉
    Missed you for T Tuesday, we were out of town at a John Mayer concert 🙂

  3. Reading your tea post made me miss rambling with my son all the more. Such a history rich and beautiful state you live in.

    Happy Tea day.


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