And Bingo was his Name-O

mixed media collage

Billy AKA “Yukon Jack” and his trusty steed “Bingo were the BMOTB (Big Men on the Block), 100 proof, all boy and all horse!

My collage started with this lovely image of a happy little boy on a pony, I added in bingo paper, image of a ruler, image of text, art papers, acrylic paints, and some bits of paper from a bottle of whiskey.

This one is for my Hubby, cause he is 100 proof, OH My Man! Love ~C

10 thoughts on “And Bingo was his Name-O

  1. I could have sworn I left a comment on your beautiful collage. Perhaps it is waiting for approval. WordPress has a way of sending my stuff to the spammer!!
    Anyway, I will say it again – your collage is absolutely superb – I love its colour and movement, its great design and all the hand drawn elements. Great artwork.

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