Dress-UP February

mixed mediaThis is Lizbeth’s dress for Dress Up February over at Alice and Camilla.

Lizbeth had longed to wear the pink chiffon and red taffeta dress that her mother had worn when she was young. Her mother talked about the elegant balls that she attended with many handsome admirers waiting to take her for a spin on the dance floor. She promised Lizabeth that this too would happen to her someday.

But alas dating and men are quite different today than they were when her mother was young, Still Lizabeth was a dreamer, and hoped that her dream boat or at least a man who liked to dance would come her way. Lizbeth had been pleasantly surprised when Roger, the man she met on-line asked her out to the annual Sweethearts Dance. Yeah she was going to get to wear her mother’s dress!

When Roger arrived to take her to the dance, three things were quite clear: the first thing was that he wasn’t altogether truthful about his height;  two he had clearly used the photo of someone else (she didn’t remember all of those stripes); and thirdly she was never going to fit on the bicycle that he had ridden over on!

Being a quick thinker and a modern gal, she hailed a cab, asked him to park his bike, and pulled off a few flowers from her gown for his hat. Then she promised herself that she was going to dance as many dances as she could, with or without Roger!

Enjoy what you do, Christen

12 thoughts on “Dress-UP February

  1. Christen,

    You are too funny. I look forward to Lizbeth’s adventures as much as the lovely dresses you create. You and Lizbeth are true joys. I can tell you have completely gotten into this project. I can hardly wait to see what adventures Lizbeth gets into next month.

  2. oh Christen this is wonderful reading Lisbeth’s desire for a glamerous night out.
    I hope her striped beau was the perfect gentleman!
    Great fun filled with glamour xx

  3. Oh, wow, Christen. Lisbeth’s adventures are so much fun to read about. And, her clothes…to die for! Roger may be lacking in height, and have a few too many stripes, but he’s kinda cute :)!


  4. Christen, Oh how you made me smile with this post!! Your Lizbeth is turning out to be quite a character! she looks goregeous and I can’t wait to see what she gets up to next! Margaret

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