Tea on Tuesday: the ’70’s

feeling groovy tea

Kimmie’s “T”ea on Tuesday is hosted by Chriss, and she picked the ’70’s for her theme. Groovy man, like, can you dig it? The “70’s were far out, I chilled with my friends by listening to Simon and Garfunkel and lighting sandalwood incense. I got my first pair of overalls which were totally rad, and I wore them with my embroidered work-shirt which was really cool, ya know man?

books, macrame, boxesI read the poetry of Rod McKuen, and thought that my poetry was just as good, dream on, can you dig it? I spent my time embroidering, making beaded necklaces and macrame, to the max. My friends were surfers, artists, and singers, after school we would say good-bye like:  see ya on the flip side with words of encouragement like: keep on truckin’.

rattan purseMy friend Jeri gave me this purse because it wasn’t her thing, but I really liked it ’cause it is totally out of sight.

I played the guitar, the recorder, and my cassette player with home made tapes; I read Nancy Drew and Seventeen Magazine; and I was in love with David Cassidy, he was the man!

We watched TV shows that gave us sayings like: looookin goooood, hehhh and dynomite!

The tea I drank was “sassafrass” no lie! We ate chilli dogs at Der Weiner Schnitzel and hung out at TG&Y, but we always got home on time so mom didn’t have a cow!

How funky is that? Don’t be a goof,  join Chriss and the rest of the Tea Party,  be there or be square!

It was fab but I gotta book! Christen

Next week Tea Tuseday will be hosted by me and the theme is “Urban Art”.

7 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday: the ’70’s

  1. Right on!
    I’m just cracking up with all of your funny things we used to say in those days!!! too funny! too cute! and really really an innocent time 🙂
    Thanks for sharing! Cheers Today! Kimmie

  2. I am smiling away here – great post! You really caught the atmosphere.

    I loved being a kid in the 70’s but as I said on another post… I would have LOVED to have been dancing in the 60’s !!

    I have NO IDEA what to do for Urban Art next week !

  3. You nailed it beautifully Christen…groov y indeed… can you dig it!
    I still have a macrame lampshade that I made, I was close to getting rid of it and then …. couldn’t big surprise LOL!
    Happy T Tuesday, you have my wheels turning with your Urban Art theme 🙂

  4. Gosh, those were the days! I graduated from college in ’72 and got married 2 weeks later! What a great time and great memories. Seems a life time ago! So young and so innocent!

    Can you dig it? 🙂


  5. Oh my gosh… Every tea party blog I go to brings up such wonderful memories… Tooled leather purses and belts… Sassafras tea! We actually used our old truck to pull the sassafras shrubs to make tea from the roots!

  6. O Christen, I was there…and was not square. Those were life-shaping days. I, too, had overalls and embroidered blouses…wore work shirts with the sleeves rolled up a few turns…moccasins and long skirts…and flowers in my hair.

    Loved reminiscing with you…

    happy tea day.

    See you next week for Urban art.

    oxo Judy

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