Chinese Take-out?: Collage Obsession challenge

Chinese Take-out?Chinese take-out tonight dear? The prompt over at Collage Obsession was the word Chinese, with a lovely photo two young ladies. My printer needed ink so I couldn’t use them… hmm what to do? I didn’t want to cook tonight so I chose to go a different way with the prompt, and make a take-out box and some fortune cookies, hint hint.

The box is made from a machine stitched paper bag from Cost Plus World Market. I had a template for the take-out box that I bought at Quilter’s Resource.  I saw this article on making your own felt fortune cookies on CraftyStylish, and thought that it would be fun to make a few for my box. I re-covered the chopsticks with a box that our Chinese calendar from last year came in. I added in some old and reproduction Chinese coins, a couple of buttons and a few painted wooden beads. The figure is actually a Japanese immortal (sorry for mixing my countries), but he looked lonely in the stash box, so he came along for the ride.

I have kept our Chinese fortunes for so long, now I finally have a place to put them in! Happy Year of the Tiger to you from someone who was born in the year of the Monkey!

enjoy- Christen

5 thoughts on “Chinese Take-out?: Collage Obsession challenge

  1. This is so great- love the felt fortune cookies! What a fun and creative artpiece. I love to collage over take-out boxes (I shop at Cost Plus too) but this is really special Christen- beautiful work!

  2. I love your Chinese take-out box. I’ve made so many of them for gifts, filled with candy. I actually joke about who hasn’t been a “victim” of my take-out box obsession! But, what a great idea, to use them to store fortunes! I guess I’ll have to make a box just for that!! Oh, dearie me, another take-out box to make!
    Have a good day, Christen.

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