Tea on Tuesday: Pretty in Pink

vintage tea mug, vintage lace

Pretty in Pink

Continuing with this months theme “Pink”, I thought that I would give you a little sizzle and feature “hot pink”! This color always reminds me of bubble gum, the ’60’s and cotton candy; and I of course love the movie too!

My Raspberry Zinger tastes especially good in this mug with the lovely pattern of swirls and flowers. I have also included a fascinator that I made with vintage milliner flowers and leaves and French wire ribbon, I wear it with the scarf that is shown further down the post. The vintage necklace is made from carved MOP flowers; and the vintage metal rose was a pin worn by my husband’s grandmother.

vintage buttons and beads

This is a close-up view of some of my favorite buttons and beads, all wonderfully interpret the color pink. Clockwise from the left: vintage carved pink shell buttons; pink fabric beads made in India; dyed pink flower charms; my favorite vintage glass bubble buttons; vintage molded glass heart shaped buttons; hand blown heart shaped glass beads; carved pink shell disc.

vintage lace

This is a group of vintage lace, a set of pink fingerless gloves, and vintage beads with my initial. The heart and trim on the left is crochet lace, and the trim to the right is tatted. What I will do with all of these initials I do not know yet!

knit scarf

This is a scarf that I knit from hot pink silk yarn and silk ribbon. I tied bits of silk ribbon into a ball, and knit two rows with the hot pink silk yarn, then knit two rows of the tied silk ribbon, and back to the silk yarn. Pretty simple and good thing too, cause I can’t follow a pattern!

pink bougainvillea

I will leave you with this last photo which is our Bougainvillea bush on the side of the house. It is full of a charming group of peep-peeps, which is my generic term for small happy birds that talk alot!

Happy tea to you, please join Kimmie and the rest of the group, everyone is welcome! enjoy, Christen

PS: I will be posting a special Valentine’s Day tea on Sunday!

PSS: If you haven’t signed up to win my offering for “One World One Heart” please do so!

8 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday: Pretty in Pink

  1. What an elegant tea! Everything is beautiful, and raspberry zinger sounds delicious, but with my new-found love for knitting…I must declare the scarf intrigues me most.

    I’ve missed tea the past to weeks. Last week went to my mom’s and spent the night. Tea was well past by the time I returned. The week before I was so sick. Thank you for dropping by my place anyway. It’s always a pleasure to see you.

    Happy Tea to you, Christen.

    oxo Judy

  2. Bougainvillea in December or anytime for that matter … it does not grow in VA, well maybe in a pot 😉
    Such lovely eye candy = gorgeous !!!
    you have the loveliest things dear Christen and showcase them so beautifully!!!
    Happy T today … imagining you enjoying your peep peeps 🙂

  3. now these are my kind of pinks … dusky pink in your first pics as I can’t wear pink with reddish blonde hair – then my favourite memory from living abroad hot pink Bougainvillea – it just never looks good grown here. I found some pressed leaves from Antigua the other day which my daughter had sent to the tooth fairy for making dresses !

    Lovely post xx

  4. gorgeous post again Christen! What a beautiful (and simple) scarf you made – I just love it! And the bougainvillea – with their peeps – we all wish we could have one too!!!
    Happy T today!
    Cheers! Kimmie

  5. I love this post, Christen. It’s so beautiful, especially so because we’re in the midst of our 2nd major snow storm in 5 days. Really unusual for this area. But, the bougainvillea lifted my heart with it’s gorgeous color. Thank you!

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