Tea on Tuesday: Pink Blush

Pink Blush

Tea on Tuesday this month will feature the color pink, and more MOP items, see my Friday’s favorites for my MOP article. This lovely pink tea-cup had belonged to my grandmother. The coloring is so dainty, and I think that it really looks pretty with the fan and heart that I made! The little porcelain vase and basket are actually a hat pin and a bobby pin holder; these had belonged to my husband’s grandmother and were entrusted to me for safe keeping.

mother of pearl buttons with china transfers

Mother of Pearl Buttons

I wanted to show you a close-up view of the vintage mother of pearl buttons, aren’t they gorgeous? I just like to look at this group; I haven’t a clue in my head what to do with them or how they could look any better than just sitting there on the lace! The top buttons were decorated with a china transfer (I have no clue how that is done); the set of smaller buttons were hand painted by an artist that I found on Ebay.

beaded necklace with mother of pearl leaves

Cornwall in the Springtime

This is a necklace that I made using vintage mother of pearl leaves, each one individually hand carved and detailed. The leaves were originally attached to a gimp necklace that I found in an antique store, with the flower button used as the closure. This was a fairly common type of necklace circa 1900’s. The gimp had frayed quite a bit, so I removed the leaves and button and used them in this beaded necklace; I incorporated seed beads, Czech glass beads, tiny fresh water pearls and blown glass sew throughs.

bracelets made from vintage mother of pearl buttons

Bracelets and Pin

Here are the bracelets that I wear with the necklace, all of the buttons are vintage MOP. The bracelet on the left is strung with wire shank buttons (originally used as cuff-links), glass, opal and abalone shell beads. The bracelet on the right is stitched with a right angle weave pattern; the buttons have a self shank. I used glass leaves, seed beads and Czech glass beads in the pattern. The dragonfly is resting on a vintage mother of pearl button that was made in Afghanistan, with vintage mother of pearl dangles. The wings and body are beaded, with beaded leaves and streamers hanging below the body.

Today tea is Yogi Chamomile, “delightful and gentle” is the description on the package (a gift from my Tea-Time buddy Judy- thank you again!). Good thing I had it in the cabinet, cause we had an earthquake yesterday (still a little funky feeling), and it has just been a little hectic here at our house… I am going to finish my cup of “gentle delights” and go read a bit now…

Please join the rest of our TEA-TIME group at Kimmie’s place, you will always be entertained with lovely pictures, great commentary, and good friends! Until next time, drink up! Christen

6 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday: Pink Blush

  1. Your Tea on Tuesday post stikes a happy note in my heart, as I publish Tatting Tea Tuesday on my blog each week.

    Tatting Tea Tuesday started after seeing MotherMark’s Teapot Tuesday post on her blog: This is My Story. Go check it out. She makes wonderful hand-made cards.

  2. Such a gorgeous post … once again dear Christen!
    Great pink minds at work 😉
    So much eye candy and what an artist you are on so many levels! The MOP items make me drool as do the pieces you’ve created!!!
    Sorry to hear things are unsettled for you and yours!
    Take Care My Friend!

  3. Your buttons are amazingly beautiful! I’ve never seen any like it ….. ad your beadwork is stunning!
    I hope things settle down for you soon – and no more shaking, rattling, rolling! A nice cup of tea does brings some calm into the day doesn’t it?
    Happy T today!

  4. stunning post reminds me of my gran and just 6 years ago I gave all my pretty teacups away.

    will have to go charity shopping for a few as tea taste so much better from a china teacup.

    chriss x

    ps put this in the wrong post lol but finally got here x

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