A Heart a Day: 2

bunny love

Love is lending your jacket to your love when she is cold, which my guy does!

This is a fun little pincushion that I picked up at a craft fair, I may love bunnies as much as I love hearts!

Heart of the day, Happy Day to you, hugs Christen

2 thoughts on “A Heart a Day: 2

  1. ooh the tea cup is so dainty & regal looking and the buttons are simply delightful – I’ve never seen any quite like them before.

    I just love your bracelet because I love dragonflies.

    I think I’m writing this comment on the wrong post !

    The heart is so unusual.

  2. stunning post reminds me of my gran and just 6 years ago I gave all my pretty teacups away.

    will have to go charity shopping for a few as tea taste so much better from a china teacup.

    chriss x

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