Let’s Play Dress-Up: January Outfit

art doll


I am joining a group for a year, we are playing Dress Up. Our challenge is to make a dress a month (mine is a little late for January), and to create a wardrobe for the clothes.

I decided to make a doll for the finished clothes, her name is Lizbeth. I named her after a girl that I met in design school, we became fast friends. I will tell you more about her in the months to come.

vintage lace dress

January Dress-UP

Here is her outfit for January. I layered vintage lace over a base of a ripped hanky and lace. I stitched this collage down by hand and machine. Her bonnet is made from a crochet flower with added silk ribbon trim. Her boots are made from muslin. All of these pieces fit on to her body with wire and ribbon.

doll body


Here is her body, I just quickly put it together, using a mannequin shape for her frame.

Her arms and legs are made from wire, which I wrapped with silk ribbon. Her body is made from muslin. Her face is hand painted and detailed with ink pens.

Her wardrobe (shown above in the first picture) will be decorated in the months to come.

If you want to join us for Dress-UP pop on over to Alice and Camilla: Project 2010!

Enjoy- Christen

12 thoughts on “Let’s Play Dress-Up: January Outfit

  1. Oh Christen, Lizbeth is adorable!!! I love everything about her, what a classy looking gal! And she’ll get to wear a new designer outfit every month of the year, fab! Mx

  2. Wow ! I love the dress which looks Edwardian to me – a favourite period in costume of mine.

    Lucky Lizbeth getting a whole new wardrobe of clothes !

  3. Lizbeth is a lucky gal having you design her wardrobe this year! She’s beautiful, and if this is just the first of her outfits she’s going to have one fabulous closet by December!

  4. Oh My Giddy Aunt, Lisbeth is amazing I have joined Margarets fun dressing up monthly and just happen to find lisbeth ‘cos I am over from Kimmie’s place finding out about Tuesdays T sessions…so glad that I did.

    chris x

  5. So nice that you’re playing along and leave it to you to create a doll to go with your fab dress … hat and shoes too!!!

    You are amazing Christen!

    Looking forward to getting to know your Lovely Lizbeth!


  6. I am so glad to have found this Dress-UP challenge, thanks to Patty for posting her dress (which is how I found the challenge) and to Margaret for being our muse and lovely hostess!

  7. Oh Christen, another amazing piece of work from you.
    The details are just fabulous!
    Is this Lizbeths winter wedding dress?
    Looking forward to seeing her new outfits and finding out more about her.

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