Tea on Tuesday: Red and her fellow Primaries

apple tea-pot and mug

Tea on Tuesday

Tea on Tuesday today is Lemon Zinger, hoping that the “zing” will take away the “sting” from my chocolate hangover… which is totally my fault and not worthy of sympathy. I am unfortunately allergic to vanilla which is found in many things including my favorite health food- chocolate, and last night I binged on half a bag of M&M’s ($%?!) argh!!!!

This week RED is featured with her other two primaries blue and yellow. I found this wonderful tea-pot with the apples on it a few years ago, and while foraging for more red cups a few weeks ago I found this mug with the beautiful apple on it.

vintage buttons, vintage hanky

Phred's Daizies

Here is a close-up of one of my favorite button necklaces made from many buttons given to me by my best friend Phred, who is one of my dearest friends, staunchest supporters, tailor extraordinaire, and all time counter part! This group of lovely vintage celluloid and plastic buttons were gathered from here and there and the white buttons were from his mother’s collection; the center piece is a fur clip with celluloid flowers. I have placed the necklace and bracelets (below) on another one of my vintage handkerchiefs. This one is from St. Louis, it is really pretty with a rounded scalloped edge and I love the berries on the state flower!

vintage buttons, felt heart

Heartfully Rendered

Here is a close-up of the bracelets that I made for the ensemble. The bracelet on the left is made from vintage glass buttons all coming from the Czech Republic, stitched with vintage and new beads. The bracelet on the right is made from vintage and new charms that are attached to a vintage celluloid chain. The earrings in the center are made from a molded material called “Feather Weights”. The felt heart with felt flowers and embroidery was made a very long time ago, but it still looks nice with this group.

Well I am thinking that a little aspirin and a good walk might take care of the chocolate hangover, so I am off for now. Please join Kimmie and the rest of the ladies for a cup of tea, pleasant conversation, and a wonderful day.

digital image
PS: I decided to create a digital mosaic image with the picture that I took, just cause it looked kind of cool. Enjoy your day!

5 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday: Red and her fellow Primaries

  1. Hi Christen! The digital mosaic turned out so cool! It looks like a stitchery! I hope you feel better soon – that is just really rough to be allergic to vanilla! It’s in everything!!!!
    Happy T today!
    Hugs, Kimmie

  2. WOWEE what a feast for the eyes!

    your teas always look like magazine spreads!
    and your button pieces are fantastic!!!

    sorry about your chocie/vanilla hangover … hope all is well very soon!
    Take care my friend!

  3. I needed a cheerful boost! I sure got one here. I love, love, love the buttons, stitched flowers and RED.

    So sorry you aren’t feeling well, but a what a way to get sick! I hope you are fully recovered now. Chocolate can be dangerous…and life without vanilla would be a little less flavorful. I love it almost as much as Granny Clampet did.

    You’ve made me crave Lemon Zinger. I think I’ll make me a before supper cup.

    Happy tea day.


  4. Ha ! your comment on my post made me giggle … I really want that job now !

    I do love those teapots with the cup underneath – really should get one.

    The mosaic picture is amasing – like a needlepoint

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