Tea on Tuesday: Red, Green and a dash of Pink

tea cup and tea pot

Red, Green and a dash of Pink

Tea today is “Raspberry Earl” a black tea with a hint of my favorite, raspberries…. I think that if I lived in a house surrounded by raspberry bushes like we had at our summer cottage life would certainly be close to “complete”! I am using my favorite apple tea-pot, and I wanted to show off my apple salt and pepper shakers, kind of fun. The cup came with a lovely Christmas bouquet of white and red carnations and mums… and works just fine here because I needed a green cup!

I have a small collection of these vintage handkerchiefs, this one is from Michigan, which is where my  Swedish Grandparents immigrated to, met each other and married. They began the family there,  and eventually moved to Burbank, CA, where they raised their eight children. The small dice I found at my grandparents house in Canada, where we had our summer cabin. At night we played cards around the dining room table and apparently gambled in some way…?

art doll, cloth doll

Lady Rose

Lady Rose” is composed of several embroidered and crochet hearts that my mother made and glued to her greeting cards. (The glue was really hard to remove, so bits of green and red construction paper are still tagging along!) Ribbon and ric-rac roses adorn her body along with vintage buttons and a cute pair of brass ballet slippers.

vintage beads, beaded jewelry

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields” is a fun group of jewelry that I made with vintage glass seed beads, novelty beads, glass sew throughs and rondells. The pattern is adapted from my pattern  “Madelaine’s Choker“. You can see a bit more of the hanky in this picture and the one below.

vintage glass beads, beaded jewelry

Strawberry Fields

This is a picture of the two bracelets, with a ribbon rose brooch that I made. You can really see the beads that were used in both the necklace and the bracelet. I love the red and white square-shaped and round green sew throughs. Here you can see a closer view of the vintage ric-rac rack that was used to make Lady Rose.

storm weather

storm weather

Well we have a little sunshine this morning, but it is going to be a wet one for the rest of the week. I know that those of you who live in the mountains, or back east may think, well at least it isn’t snow, and truthfully I do too. But….. weather is weather and rain here is great for the grass and flowers, but it makes for scary times to those who live in the burned out areas or drive the freeways!

Happy T to you, where ever you call home. Please join Kimmie and the rest of our Tea Group for a cup of hugs, valuable tea type information, friendship, and great gals…


3 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday: Red, Green and a dash of Pink

  1. Hi Christen! You put so much tender loving care into your blog posts! and this one is no exception 🙂 ….. your tea sounds really yummy too!

    Happy T today!
    Hugs, Kimmie

    p.s. I think our normal rain has drifted south to you guys …..

  2. I must agree with what Kimmie said, your posts are so thoughtfully and artfully created! I know that takes time! Thank you for taking the time to delight us again and again!
    I think it would be dreamy to be able to go out into the garden and pick fresh raspberries … hmmm!
    Take care!

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