Tea on Tuesday: Rojo and Amarillo

tea cup, vintage textiles, stacking doll

Rojo and Amarillo

Tea on Tuesday is (coffee) today, and it is a wonderful pungent French Roast, just right for this cold January morning, which I must say is probably not as cold for me as it is for the rest of my “tea time buddies”! In keeping with the color of the month (red) I have put together a Rojo (red) and Amarillo (yellow) group of treasures that include vintage textiles, hand painted dolls, a great old tin box, and a crochet collar made by a friend.

I must admit after last week’s proclamation that I would use one color a month (red for January), I realized that I didn’t have enough cups to fit my color scheme for the next few weeks! On Saturday my hubby and I went thrift store shopping and I got a few more cups for the month (phew I was worried!).

vintage embroidered textile

embroidered purse with shisha mirrors

This is a beautifully embroidered purse from India, the antique shisha mirrors are really nice and the embroidery is so evenly stitched! I usually have this bag hanging on the work-room door filled with loads of knitting needles. I really love working with the antique shisha mirrors which are very hard to find nowadays. I have taught many classes on working with the mirrors, and even developed a non-traditional stitch to use that is easier than the customary buttonhole stitch. If you are unfamiliar with the shisha mirrors here is a short article that I have written.

stacking dolls

stacking dolls

This is the group of colorfully painted stacking dolls that I opened up down to the wee little girl who is about 1.1/2″ tall. This group was a gift from my mom one Christmas many years ago. Each doll is painted with such loving care; with each face and rose deoration just slightly different. I wonder if one artist painted the whole set or several artists perhaps each assigned to one doll size????

micro mosaic jewelry

Mosaic Madness

This is a beautiful set of vintage mosaic jewelry pieces that were made in Italy during the 1950’s. My dad bought my mom a bracelet similar to the rectangular one on their first date in Rome, where they met. I have searched and gathered these pieces here for some time, and I finally completed the set a few months ago. The bracelets are original, except for the turquoise extension on the round bracelet. For the heart shaped pendant I made a necklace 0f vintage and new glass beads with silver spacers. The earrings were originally attached to screw-on findings so I removed the charms and attached them to wires. I made this to wear with the Azulejos de Espana ensemble (which actually links to an older set of jewelry-oops!). This group is included in my lecture The Bold and The Beautiful.

Well happy day to you, enjoy your tea and please join the rest of the gang over at Kimmie’s, you are always welcome! Christen

4 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday: Rojo and Amarillo

  1. Happy T today Christen!
    I love your color theme …. rojo and amarillo sounds so warm and exotic 🙂
    Thanks for having us over for “t” with you today!!!
    Hugs, Kimmie

  2. WOW Christen, you’ve done it again!
    Matroshkas (sp?) I happen to have a thing for those and have a wee collection, even a set that was handpainted of our family when we were still five.
    Russia … India … Rome all of these speak to me on so many levels … also Love your reason to look for new cups, I too considered just that … 🙂
    Happy T Tuesday and beyond!!!

  3. Love your little doll family. The purse takes me way back in time. The mosaic jewelry is gorgeous! Well worth the search to collect.

    I enjoyed your tea party.


  4. HAD to stop by after reading on Patty’s blog after reading that you had a button heart brooch like the one she posted on her Tea on Tuesday, Winter White post. I have one too! I’ll post it sometime soon and link it to both of your blogs. Wouldn’t it be funny to flush out a few more white button heart brooch owners?

    I enjoyed reading your post on sequins. Their history is SO interesting! I love their cheap *bling* and have a small collection of them in spite of myself. Nothing older than the 1970s tho.

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