Vintage Japan: Mixed Media Monday Challenge

mixed media collage

Vintage Japan

This collage is for Mixed Media Monday’s Leftover’s Challenge, you were to use up your left-overs, and anything goes. I started with the center image which was a post card from a company that sells vintage kimonos. I then added in a colorful wrapping paper that came with a gift from a dear friend. The shiny gold paper foil with the image of holly and leaves came on our “Christmas Crackers” as did the red shiny paper foil. I added in a gold leaf trim, adorned this with hand-made holly berries and plastic green and red holly leaves. The crowning glory was the gold fan with the glass bauble attached at the bottom. Everything including the paper, cardboard, trims, leaves and fan were leftover from another project.

Thanks again for another wonderful challenge! Christen

4 thoughts on “Vintage Japan: Mixed Media Monday Challenge

  1. You have been really really flowing in creativity this week! I love this and all the re-purposing you did …. why go shopping for special art supplies?

  2. So many beautiful art pieces to catch up on here Christen!

    Love your use of leftovers, looks more like a feast to me! I used tissue from the paper crowns we got in our Christmas crackers … we think alike.

    I adore all of your creations, each is just so special!

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