Angel of My Heart: The Three Muses Challenge

mixed media collage

Angel of my Heart

Over at The Three Muses the challenge this week was to use an angel in your art. Here is my entry with a lovely little angel that I found at the thrift store. The true Angel of my heart is Gwen our daughter, who by the way gave me all the cards that I have used here in this collage.

Thanks for the great challenge ladies! Christen

9 thoughts on “Angel of My Heart: The Three Muses Challenge

  1. Wow! Your page took some time to open up and I think I was miles away until your scrumptious collage appeared and I just had to sit back and say WOW! It is sensational, so full of colour and movement, so creative and beautifully composed. Wonderful artwork.

  2. What a lovely memento of cards received from your daughter. The colors are sizzling, and so artistically arranged. Thanks so much for joining in our challenge this week!

  3. Oh, Christen, how beautiful! I love this and the idea of using cards from your daughter. My daughter is the angel of my heart also and I have saved cards she’s given me. This is a brillant way to preserve them and still enjoy them. Your talent is amazing!

  4. Christen I am blown away by this, both the art which is gorgeous, and the idea of such a fantastic way to keep your daughter’s cards.

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