Tea on Tuesday: Friendly Village

Friendly Village

Friendly Village

Tea on Tuesday, the last of the year (how did that happen?) is green tea (my morning favorite) with the Friendly Village from Johnson Brothers. The wooden Chinese puzzle box was a gift from a cousin many years ago and the fan above was a gift from a wonderful meal at a Chinese Restaurant in China Town (downtown LA) probably just as many years ago. The post card is a Rembrandt drawing and the book is a wonderfully illustrated gentle journey into a magical forest realm.

dinner plate

dinner plate

These were the only pieces of precious china that I had to serve special dinners on for many years. This set is really unique as each piece of the place setting has a different illustration from an imaginary country village.
The dinner plate is titled “The School House”, with this lovely image set in a quaint winter setting.

friendly village bread plate

bread plate

I love the patterning around the edge of the plate too! I was given 6 place settings when I was first married by a very dear friend. The bread or roll plate is titled “Sugar Maples”.

salad bowl or berry bowl

salad bowl

The salad or berry bowl is titled “The Covered Bridge”. We sometimes use this as the pie with ice cream bowl too!



The cup and saucer are titled “The Ice House”. After a lovely meal it is a special treat to drink coffee from this cup, using the sterling silver spoons that belonged to my grandmother. Our daughter considers this china as our “special holiday memories” china, I do too!

happy new year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you and yours, and please join the rest of the tea time buddies over at Kimmie’s!

PS: See you next year!

3 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday: Friendly Village

  1. I love your Johnson Bros. china, Christen. I have my mother’s set of Johnson Bros. Britain Castles. It was our holiday china when I was growing up. Now I use it for holidays also, and my daughter just loves it. So, it’ll be passed on to her when she marries.
    I hope your Christmas was wonderful. Happy New Year to you!

  2. Another perfect vignette full of meaningful treasures dear Christen!
    Those are the loveliest dishes, each one seems to tell its own story!
    See you next year for tea dear friend!
    I’m with you … HOW can it be almost 2010!!!

  3. I, too, love your Johnson Bros. china. I sort of collect different patterns but have never seen Friendly Village. It’s wonderful!

    I’m playing catch-up and looked at your Christmas trees…love them, too. What fun.

    Happy belated birthday…and a very happy new year to you and yours.


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