Tea on Tuesday: Brambles and Berries

vintage tea cup

Bramble Berries

Well it is the first of December and I haven’t quite put all of the Thanksgiving decorations away, and so therefore do not have any of the Christmas decorations out yet. Perhaps later on this week I will have time and the next post I will share my holiday spirit with you.

vintage tea service


Tea today is a celebration of sorts because I finally found a cup to go with my “Bramble” set by Wade. My first piece was this little saucer (plate?) that had belonged to my grandmother. I have had this since the early 80’s, but could never find any other pieces to accompany the sweet little piece.

A few years ago I started looking for pieces on eBay, and I found the little sugar and creamer, then the larger pitcher and plate; but never a cup.

This week while visiting my best friend Phred, in Morongo Valley, we took a trip to a little thrift store and I found this dear little cup with the same “bumpy lumpy” surface. Yeah! The cup was made in Japan, and a whopping .49 cents and it matches, so who cares if it is not a true “Bramble” piece! It is a tad small to get a good swig of anything, but the “Bramble” set is small anyways, so it is just perfect as far as I am concerned.

I decided to keep with the English and berry theme and have a nice Blackcurrant black tea by Ahmad Tea. Very yummy indeed and great with a cup full of raspberries (which I ate before I took the pictures!).

vintage teaspoons


I found this intriguing fork and spoon set at the Del Mar Antique show a few years ago, they sit with this tea set in the cabinet. The faeries have the look of Thai dancers, but I am not sure where these were made.

The lovely wool reticule in the background is all hand embroidered in images of thistles and vines. It was probably made at the beginning of the last century and is more Scottish than English but is also a part of my heritage, so I think that it works.

All of the crochet pieces were found in thrift stores, except for the largest one in the background which was a gift from a friend. The lovely vintage piece of lace with some Irish crochet pieces (again part of my heritage) is actually composed of many different precious strips and is just waiting for the right project to present itself.

I included my “Grapevine” set of jewelry, just to keep with the color theme, and because I like it so much.This set of jewelry is made entirely of beads stitched into grapes, pea pods and flowers. A little tedious but so fun to watch the pieces take form one bead at a time.

I just finished the embroidered runner this weekend, which actually started as a vest, then ended up as smaller pieces along with a few pillows. The runner is made from ribbon worked flowers and silk ribbon embroidery, with a few vintage ombre ribbons. It sits to the back of the china cabinet, behind the Bramble set.


My Best friend Phred and Me

My husband and I had a nice week off, visiting friends (Phred above), hiking, eating turkey and relaxing. I hope that you were fortunate enough to enjoy the holiday week as well. Until next time, happy Tea to you! Please visit Kimmie and the rest of the group for a spot of friendship and brew!

2 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday: Brambles and Berries

  1. Don’t you just love e-bay! that is just so cool that you’re finding the hard to find pieces you need to complete what your grandmother started! What a sweet picture of you and Phred ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy T! Kimmie

  2. absolutely charming post AND couple you are Christen…what a lovely photo!

    so many beautiful treasures displayed so artfully AND I learned a new word …
    reticule ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy T to you dear Christen!

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