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All the World is a Stage: ABAA challenge

mixed media stage

Welcome to the International Stage

All the world is a stage, and over  Rosie and Linda’s Awfully Big Art Adventure this month proves it! There are wonderful entries of stages and masks, take a look and be amazed!


The International Troop

I have been collecting dolls for my entire life, these are few of the International dolls that I have collected. I thought that they made an interesting troupe of characters. I can’t wait to write a play or two and include these characters.

old embossed letter box

The stage is an old letter box that I found at a thrift store. I decorated it with acrylic paints and metallic paints on the outside, adding a paper mask that was also painted. The inside is covered in artist’s paper and ribbon.

The actors are all International dolls, except for Ethel Merman, who is playing Carmen Miranda and the blushing fairy (perhaps Gypsy Rose Lee’s muse?).

The stage lights are old bulbs glued to bottle caps and covered in artist paper, in fact most of the dolls are stuck into bottle caps so that they could stand upright.



The Thai dolls were actually pens, I removed the insides, the Indian man was an ornament; the Guatemalan family were ornaments; the Hmong lady is an ornament and is holding a Russian stacking doll family and an African lady; the Japanese couple are also ornaments.

This was a fun challenge, and I mean challenge to get the box just right and the actors to behave! Artists I tell you!

Enjoy what you do, what is the point if you don’t? Christen

Tea on Tuesday: Gifts Galore

vintage tea cup

Tea and Pleasantries

Tea today will be later on in the morning after my walk, but I wanted to share my exchange goodies with you before then. My exchange partner was Judy, and I was so pleased with ALL of my goodies! Thank you again Judy for organizing this wonderful TEA PARTY!


The bone china cup is made by  “Mintons” from England. The lovely hand-made tea pocket holds six bags of tea. Mine came with Yogi Chamomile, Green Tea Rejuvenation, Tazo Awake, Stash Wild Black Current, Stash Apple Cinnamon, and lastly Twinings Indian Spiced Chai Tea.

I also received a lovely tea-spoon with roses on the handle and a tin of dangerous Royal Dansk Luxury Wafers. She also included a  hand written recipe for oatmeal cookies which I wanted to make for the post, but didn’t have enough of the required ingredients, I will remedy this later on today!

When I was putting my tea-cup away in the china cupboard I noticed that it was similar to this plate that I had purchased at AM Vets many years ago.

When I first started collecting china bits I just bought what I could afford and liked, not worrying that they matched anything. Well this was a good find then because it is so similar to the pattern on my new tea-cup! The maker label is hard to make out but it says The Rowland, Staffordshire and has the initials RMS in the middle. I will be filling this with cookies by the end of the day!


Cluckle doodle doooooo!

I wanted to share with you what I have been up to…

Well I got rather silly last week and made a few Cluckleheads… this was for The Three Muses challenge on Foul Play. I had so much fun that I have made eight so far and will be developing a pattern to sell on Etsy by the end of the week.

cloth pumpkins

Pumpkin Patch

Then I decided to make some pumpkins for the chickens to mill around, and well my pumpkin patch grew to epic proportions. I decided to develop a pattern for these also and will be in my Etsy store as well.

I was laughing with my husband at my absurd job, saying that he works 12 hours outside of the house to bring home the “bacon” and I work 15 hours never leaving the house and play with dolls…..

Somehow it doesn’t seem fare, but he doesn’t complain, and I am really lucky to be able to do what I truly love. Hope that is the case for all of you as well….

Happy day to you, please join Kimmie and the rest of the ladies for tea today,  love Christen