Tea on Tuesday Sighs and Spiced Chai

tea on tuesday

Sighs and Chai

Sighs of contentment and lovely Twinings Indian Spiced Chai Tea (Judy’s gift), ahhhhhh. The fall weather (when we have it, it is about 54 degrees out at 7:00 this morning and I wish I had put my slippers on!) always brings on a quiet sigh for me, glad that it is cooler, glad that we had no big fires here, glad that the year is coming to an end with relative ease.


Antiques and Not Antiques

Two weeks ago my DH played hooky from work and we drove up to Julian for the day. We went up during the Apple Days  festival and had a lovely time walking around to our favorite stores and antique malls.

I picked up these items in the antique mall. The silver grinder thingy was cool as was the old jar. They are sitting on my kitchen table.

The old oil lamp is actually new (bummer) I thought it was so antique and old looking.  But then I looked at the wick when I brought it home and noticed that it was new, then I read the top of the lamp and it said “Made in China”. Well….. oh well it is cool anyways.

We did a little yard work this weekend actually that was the “royal we”, I did housework while my guy was mowing and cutting down bushes. He found this really large paper wasp nest that was vacant and took it down for me. I added it to my collection.

paper wasp nest

Paper Wasp Nest

After he was done in the yard, we had a little lunch then drove over to the San Diego Zoo. We just strolled around the park, looking at the exhibits that we like the most.

For me it is the BIG CATS! I love the black panther, the leopard and the fishing cats. He likes the silver back apes, the orangoutangs, and all of those guys. We stopped by the snakes, yuck, but had fun trying to find them hiding in the bushes and rocks of their enclosure. We even stopped by the Komodo Dragon, very cool colors in his armor-like skin. I think that I would like to try and bead an image of him, perhaps when I get some free time….

On our way out we stopped by the gift shop and picked up a few goodies, the little clay pot from Peru was my choice for the day.

Well I hope that you enjoy your day, make it special, it is one of a kind just like you! Join the rest of the ladies over at Kimmies place for a spot of tea and a good chat! Christen

2 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday Sighs and Spiced Chai

  1. Lovely nature scene Christen, I have a ‘thing’ for wasps nests too, these are beauties! Fun hearing around your treks, sure sounds special and fun!
    Happy T Tuesday to you!

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