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You Go Girl: MMM Pink Challenge



The challenge over at Mixed Media Monday is to use pink in your work, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I am sure that all of us in one way or another has been affected by this disease, I in fact have had three people in my family that have been diagnosed with this cancer. I myselft am celebrating my eight year alive this month. My mother-in-law was diagnosed and treated several years ago, and is now healthy and happy. My aunt Ellen was not as fortunate as the two of us, and she died at the age of 63 a few weeks after her surgery.

Who lives and who dies is not something that I have answers for. I do however have a few insights…

I know that anyone and everyone who has been touched by this disease will tell you how important it is to check monthly, to have regular DR. exams and mammograms and NOT TO IGNORE something that is unusual.

I know that the most important thing that you can do for someone going through the surgery and following treatments is to LOVE unconditionally, be strong, be there, and give them that YOU GO GIRL attitude that my husband and daughter gave me everyday even though this was as hard for them to go through as it was for me.

I know how important your attitude is in getting healthy again and how it will affect your future outlook.

I have love and encouragement for those of you who are affected by a loved one’s struggle.¬† I have¬† love and encouragement for those of you that are currently going through treatment.

And I say to all of you that are wearing a wig, feeling sick to your tummy, have lost all of your hair, or just are feeling crummy: YOU GO GIRL you are alive and we are all the better for it!

Tea on Tuesday: A bit on the Grumpy side

Well tea today is coffee, in a new mug we got last week. Every morning my husband and I drink from a set of theme cups. I guess that we drink from different mugs to keep it interesting or to suit our moods for the day. Or maybe I can’t decide which cup is my favorite, like my dad who drank from the same mug for the last 20 years of his life, it said “I love Grandpa” on it.

Today I am drinking from a cup that Mona Lisa says “coffee makes me smile” and he is drinking from a cup that Albert Einstein says “coffee makes me smart”. I got to wondering if Mona Lisa or Albert would mind endorsing coffee, or anything for that matter.

When does an image, icon, or piece of art become recognizable and worthy enough to be used for such endorsements or have a retail value that will sell something so unrelated to what made them famous? I wonder if I would mind if my portrait or any of my art 50- 200? years from now would be used to endorse something that was a household staple, and what would that item be? Would I know, would I care, would I smile anyways?

Well I am not smiling now and am frankly a bit on the grumpy side this morning….

My computer is sick, had a melt down over the weekend and had to go to the hospital last night. I will know more in 3-5 days…. as to the diagnosis and her fate. I am staying positive, because my work, my business and alot of my time is spent on my precious little box!

So currently I am working from my husband’s laptop today, and have no idea how to get this thing to talk to my camera, let alone edit any pictures… I clicked on the “My Pictures” section, clicked on something about pictures and a live video of my face and upper body came on view with me in my PJ’s.

REALLY not sure if anyone is ready for that sight!

So Happy Tea today, there is always something brewing at Kimmie’s and Patty’s place. Please join them and the rest of the Tea for Tuesday gang, and if you do post a comment on Kimmie’s blog.

Happy day to you, I hope that life is calm and manageable, Christen

We Love to Laugh: TTM

We Love to Laugh

We Love to Laugh

The challenge over at The Three Muses was to use the Zetti Art form. Funky hats, color, stripes, and good stuff.

I used the song from Mary Poppins, “I love to Laugh” that her Uncle Albert sang as he rose up to the ceiling like a balloon. So I thought this would be a great way to introduce a Zetti-ish entry. The faces are stamped onto newsprint and copied onto paper. I drew the hats, legs and border images with an ink pen and used color pencil to add in the color.

Enjoy, Christen

Friday’s Favorites: Junkity Junk Junk Junk

I love bits of rusted, peeled, broken, miss-matched stuff. Not sure why, but I love a garage full of smelly gadgets, love baby food jars full of nuts and bolts, love coffee cans full of nails. My grandmother was an executive secretary for a hardware manufacturing firm, and we occasionally worked “Re-con” and visited hardware stores to see what was what.

Most of the junk that I have I find while on a walk, or in a parking lot. This last week I put together a few JunkMen to accompany the guy I made in honor of my husband, who normally has to carry all of these tattered, rusty, dirty bits of treasure in his pocket.

Here are my guys and a pin full of pile o junk… (click on the images for a larger view)

Enjoy whatever it is that gives you the most pleasure! Christen