Halloween Greetings…


spider web

Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween to one and all. I created these two cards from actual spider webs (and their creators) found in my garden, and with a little photo editing spooky, creepy greetings are here.


creepy spider web

Happy Haunting

Trick or Treat, enjoy the day! Christen


2 thoughts on “Halloween Greetings…

  1. Undoubtedly the most unique entry for this challenge! The creativity of work never ceaases to amaze me. Thanks for contributing your own inimitable style!

  2. Just when we think we have seen EVERYTHING, every possible way of tackling a theme, every weird and wacky idea, something special comes along. And yours is that something special. Wow!! Your originality and talent know no bounds. I love your festive, Halloween, chicken dinner!! Stunning work.

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