Tea on Tuesday: BOOOOOO





Well this may be a little early, but I wanted to keep in the spirit of the season. Today Tea is coffee, and a very good Viennese roast at that. It is still dark out so I was able to take a picture of my haunted tree with the lights on. I have gathered a few old branches, placed them in a vase, and adorned the branches with pumpkin lights and the spooky hands that I got at the thrift store a few weeks ago.

halloween decorations

Haunted Tree

Here is a full view of the tree. I set this on a table that is in the kitchen, which is full of vintage kitchen ware and tools. The table fills a long space at the end of the kitchen, but the area is too small to actually sit at the table. So I use this area as just another space to decorate.

I have included in the picture a cute little witch, which I have had for many years. I have also included the jewelry that I wear this time of year, my bat ring, pumpkin pin and my spiderweb tiara, no celebration is complete if you are not properly attired!

The little cigar box that the coffee cup is on I also got at the thrift store when I got the spooky hands. I have covered it in vintage Burpee and other seed advertisements that I found on the Vintage Moth’s website. These were free downloads, and I copied them and printed them in different sizes. Then I cut them to fit the box, glued them down and painted modpodge over the surface.

Sometimes I think that I have way to much fun….

I have been working on a few challenges this week, again way to much fun and also a few new pins for the Etsy store.

group of pins

Flapper Girls

Hope that you enjoy your tea today, whether it is really tea or coffee. Come join us over at Kimmie’s House and have a great rest of your week!

PS: I received my Tea On Tuesday gift exchange, and it was filled with goodies and a lovely tea cup, but I wanted to wait and make sure that everyone else had received their packages before I took a picture of my treasures and revealed who sent them….. coming soon!


3 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday: BOOOOOO

  1. Eeek you skeered me! Only the brave can enter this tea party…so spooky.

    I love your flapper girls. They’re such happy flappers.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.


  2. Oooooh – looks scary! Especially all of the skeleton hands! And I always choose coffee when it’s still dark out too!
    Hope your day is a good one! Happy Tuesday!

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