Friday’s Favorites: Harvest Time

Harvest Wreath

Harvest Wreath

Fridays Favorites is all about the Harvest Time. I decorate for fall at the end of September, even though here in San Diego (city) we have no turning of the leaves, and only the occasional crisp cold weather mornings, and no frost in the air yet. I still appreciate this turning of the season. I absolutely love all of the rich autumn colors, the browns: from chestnut to sienna; golden umber and warm maple; firy reds like crimson and  cinnamon; pumpkin and carnelian.

As  a kid I used to love to dress up for Halloween, it wasn’t so much about the candy, but the fact that you could turn into something else, if only for the day. We used to help mom decorate the house so that we were appropriately spooky for the “trick or treater’s”. When my daughter was young, she couldn’t wait for Halloween, and I loved dressing her up as a princess or heroine of some sort. I had a co-worker ask me why it was always a princess not a peasant, and I said why not reach for the stars?

I have a few decorations set up specifically for Halloween, such as my 3 ft. black spider and 2 ft. spider and web. I have a spooky ghost tree made from found branches, and I have adorned this with a pumpkin garland that lights up, I added glow in the dark bats, but they don’t do there job quite as well as they should, but they are spooky enough without glowing I guess.

Halloween's Queen

Halloween's Queen

This is a cute little witch that I purchased at a cloth doll show. I added the pumpkin that was purchased at a thrift store. I set her on a tray amongst tiny paper mache pumpkins, acorns and creepy hands. She is really a very cute witch, not scary, so I keep her up through Thanksgiving, I just take the hands away and pack them up for next year. I also have a pumpkin that holds a votive candle, and two ghosts that sit in the flower pot.

Harvest Table Center Piece

Harvest Table Center Piece

This is the center piece that rests on my table from the end of September through the weekend of Thanksgiving. The pumpkin is just so cool, and the setting that it rests in is actually a frame full of berries and nuts. I added a few autumn leaves and ribbons for the finishing touches.

During this time of year, we usually take a drive up to our friends house in Morongo Valley, which is just before Joshua Tree state park. We all pack into the car and tramp and hike and climb around the boulders. Most of the roads are paved, but of course the trails are not. On the way back home we drive through the backroads of Idlewyld and Hemmit, and think of days that are gone but not forgotten.

Dirt roads lined with
brown dusted bushes
and autumn colored trees
Leaves falling with even prettier colors
than last year.
Crackle air smells
of snow and cooked
turkeys and pumpkin pie.
Family days spent with
distant relatives, loved ones
and Thanksgiving.

Christen, 10-15-79

Well I hope that you are enjoying this time of year, Christen

One thought on “Friday’s Favorites: Harvest Time

  1. I love this time of year,too. I was just outside admiring the trees and their gorgeous autumn colors. The first of October finds me decorating for fall and Halloween. I love Halloween, though not the gory, horror stuff. I have a collection of cute witches that I put out and a collection of Jack-o-Laterns that are out. Along with the Halloween is all the fall leaves and pumpkins that I put out and keep up until Thanksgiving. I love decorating the house for fall. I have several needlework pieces that I love seeing every year. Which brings me to your velvet wreath, Christen. It’s fabulous, did you make it? I’m sure you did.
    Enjoy this wonderful time when God spills his paints all over the world and delights the eye and soul with beauty.

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